How Franchisees Can Maximize Community Support Programs

Become a Valued Member of Your Local Community

In today’s very noisy marketing landscape, it’s more important than ever find ways to interact organically and build meaningful relationships with the public. This doesn’t mean spending the big bucks to plaster your logo everywhere. Today’s consumer is looking for a personal connection with the companies they support. And, the most organic place to start is with your local community.

Over the past 20 years, as one of the leading raw juice bar and smoothie franchises, we’ve learned how to identify and meet the needs of health-conscious consumers within every community we enter. And, we’ve seen that franchisees who are the most active in their communities, tend to see the highest return. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s important to align with organizations that make sense for your brand and be where your guests are. For example, health is important to Juice It Up! customers. Our guests tend to lead healthy lifestyles and seek out wholesome food and drinks to get them through their busy days. Naturally, we lean towards supporting causes and businesses that lend to our mission to help support the active lifestyles of our guests. From sponsoring youth sports teams to creating loyalty programs for local gyms, it’s vital to make sure your local marketing efforts are always on brand.

We encourage our franchisees to take advantage of resources in their communities while creating their own opportunities.  It’s been proven time and time again that no amount of advertising on its own will build, nor sustain, a business. Local marketing must be done in partnership with exceptional customer service and targeted community programs.

More often than not, when you’re a business owner, your livelihood depends on your local community. By doing so, you are guaranteed to become known and supported by community members. Becoming a valued member in your community doesn’t require grandiose gestures or a significant budget.

A few of the simplest ways to get involved include:

  • Join the Chamber of Commerce
  • Sponsor a local sports team or youth organization
  • Join a local networking organization
  • Advertise in the sports’ programs
  • Support a charitable event
  • Attend local parades and events
  • Be part of the community that supports you

By becoming involved in the community and being visible at community events, you create the opportunity to take your product or service to the people; to meet them where they are at. Throughout the year communities play host to numerous events organized by city departments, the chamber of commerce, local schools, sports teams, charities and other associations. Participating in these events not only draws attention to your store or products but also underlines your support and involvement in local community events (something that your competitors may not be doing).

It’s also important to have visibility amongst local businesses. Some businesses will host events for their employees such as health fairs and social gatherings. Offering your service (such as a caterer) will not only present an opportunity to generate sales, but will also you to network and potentially introduce your brand to individuals who may not be familiar. Some of our franchisees offer gift card discounts to local business that they can then use as employee incentive and rewards.

Establishing your business as fundraising-friendly can allow you to gain new customer accounts, retain customer loyalty and help increase your community engagement. People love to support businesses that give back to their community and help raise funds to support causes that are important to them.

We have found that these community-focused tactics detailed above have created success for each of our franchisees in generating local awareness and brand loyalty. When executed properly, and with enthusiasm, these tactics have proven to significantly contribute to developing and sustaining a customer base in both new and existing markets. Again…coincidence? Definitely not.

Guest editorial shared by Carol DeNembo, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at Juice It Up! Since joining the company in 2006, DeNembo has spearheaded the company’s marketing efforts and leads new business development.  Her work has helped to position Juice It Up! as a leader in the booming raw juice bar and smoothie segment while continuing nationwide expansion.

About Juice it Up!

Juice It Up!, a leading raw juice bar and hand-crafted smoothie franchise, specializes in delicious and functional fresh-squeezed juices, blended-to-order real fruit smoothies and nutrient-rich options such as Açaí and Pitaya Bowls.  Founded in 1995, the Irvine, California-based lifestyle brand is focused on providing its guests with a variety of great-tasting, better-for-you food and drink choices designed with personal wellness in mind. With more than 80 locations across California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Texas, the company is showcasing newly revamped restaurant designs, a heavier focus on the growing demand for raw juice options and a menu refresh that reflects the brand’s active personality and motto to “Live Life Juiced!.” An established lifestyle brand with unparalleled experience in the raw juice bar industry, Juice It Up! is poised for aggressive expansion throughout the U.S. With an franchise-focused culture, Juice It Up! continues to attract highly-qualified new and existing franchise operators to grow with the brand. Ideal franchisees possess an entrepreneurial spirit, are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and have a creative local store marketing mindset. To learn more about the benefits of owning a Juice It Up! straight from current franchisees, watch and visit for additional franchising details.

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