Franchisee in Action – Football Game Leads to Franchise Success for La – Area Franchisee

One Los Angeles-area franchisee has scored a touchdown with his Nutrition Zone retail outlet thanks to a serendipitous sporting event.

Prior to buying his Harbor City, CA Nutrition Zone franchise in July 2014, franchisee Jabin Pound met the company’s founder and CEO, Joe Eckstrom, while playing in a football game. From there, the two formed a fast friendship and the more he learned about the company — a retail nutritional supplement store — the more Pound knew he wanted to be involved in it.

Coming from the services industry where he was a pool and spa technician, Pound was thankful for the opportunity to be his own boss and work toward his own goals rather than work long, gruelling hours for the goals of somebody else’s company.

“Working in the pool and spa cleaning business just made me feel like I could not reach my full potential, I enjoyed the service part of the job but I wanted to give more to people then just a clean pool.,” he said during a recent interview from his store in Harbor City.

The turning point for him was a combination of meeting Eckstrom during that football game and realizing that he could be his own boss while at the same time improving people’s lives by helping them become healthier. Pound really wanted to be a part of that.

Part of a Team

Right from the start of the franchising process, Pound said, he felt like he was part of the team. The company called him in for an initial meeting and he sat down with Eckstrom and other Nutrition Zone franchising team members and much to his delight, they assessed what he wanted and why he thought Nutrition Zone was a good fit for him.

He told them he wanted a Harbor City location and Nutrition Zone’s real estate team worked with him to find the perfect spot, calling him often and going over potential spots with him and always soliciting his opinion on the various locations they found.

During this process, Pound said, he also learned a lot, as he was constantly asking their expertise about why they thought certain spots would work better than others.

“From the start, the franchise support system was great,” Pound said. “I was never alone during these phases.” He always had someone there to answer questions and point him in the right direction, the franchisee noted and he was also able to give his input during the entire process.

Nutrition Zone offers its franchisees the opportunity for ongoing training via NZ Online, which Pound described as an online university style training program about nutritional benefits. NZ Live is inperson training to help with the customer service aspect of the business and the recently initiated NZ Advanced Online, which Pound just finished, continues the ongoing training for franchisees.

In addition to this, the company also helps with marketing support like sending its franchisees weekly Instagram posts to share with their customers and holding giveaways over social media that all franchisees can encourage their customers to participate in. For example, if customers tag themselves in a Nutrition Zone photo, they can win a product from the various stores.

Bringing Balance

Pound said he loves working for himself, but also for a franchise brand, as he relishes the team aspect of it. Everything he does makes his team and the Nutrition Zone team better and it also goes the other way, too.
Working for himself brings joy into his life, which in turn brings balance to his life, he noted. Plus, he also enjoys helping people get healthier. “I really enjoy going to work on a Monday — you know, I don’t get a case of the Mondays — because I know that there are people who could come in who are just fed up with their weight or they want to change something about themselves and I have an opportunity to do that for them,” Pound explained.

The franchisee said he would tell other potential franchisees who are interested in joining either Nutrition Zone or any other franchise to do their homework, ask questions, and make sure the franchise they choose is right for them. Get to know the people behind the franchise first, he advised, and make sure they are as concerned about your welfare as they are about the brand’s welfare.

Nutrition Zone spent years perfecting their training and support before they started pursuing franchising opportunities and now they’re ready to share their dreams with others, like himself, Pound said. There’s no telling where Pound’s life would have ended up had it not been for that football game, but from being on that football team together to joining the Nutrition Zone team, the franchisee has managed to fulfill his real potential.

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