Footprints Floors Franchise Owners Help Homeowners Prevent Costly Mistakes

Footprints Floors Answers the Question: Should You DIY or Hire a Professional for a Flooring Project?

Most major home renovations can be costly. That’s why some homeowners elect to do the work themselves instead of hiring trained contractors. While it’s true that the do-it-yourself (DIY) method empowers people to learn new skills and save money, installing new floors may not be the time for this type of project. That’s where the Footprints Floors franchise comes in.

Footprints Floors franchise owners operate their businesses in dozens of territories across the United States. Many of them have been approached by customers who saw one of the brand’s floor installations on social media around the same time they were considering new flooring. Feeling inspired to take on the project themselves, they secured measurements, bought their desired flooring material (usually too little or not enough), watched a couple of YouTube videos, and then got to work . . . only to realize sooner rather than later that installing a floor requires a combination of skill, experience, and knowledge. 

Hiring Flooring Professionals Versus DIY

As tempting as it may be to make a floor installation a DIY project, this work should be entrusted to a team of professionals. Why? Well, installing floors encompasses a series of tasks — measuring, removing, stapling, assembling, cutting, and adhering among them — and if a homeowner isn’t precise or experienced, they risk creating or running into numerous obstacles, which can be both frustrating and expensive. Contractors who install floors for a living know what they’re doing, not to mention what they need to do if an unforeseen issue arises. Plus, they carry with them all the tools necessary for the job.  

Footprints Floors franchise owners can recommend suppliers for chosen flooring material; advise how much material to order; prep flooring space; install the floor, clean up the entire work area; and, when they’re done, explain how to care for/clean your floor. Customers appreciate how the contractors work to give them a good customer service experience (moving furniture and relocating appliances, for example).

Footprints Floors professional flooring installers take pride in their work. Should customers have questions or concerns before, during, or after the floor installation process, they will gladly address them. Footprints Floors offers a satisfaction guarantee because they strive to earn customers’ trust.   

Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park

Bryan Park, Footprint Floors
Bryan Park, founder of Footprints Floors

Footprints Floors founder Bryan Park entered the flooring industry upon serving his country in the U.S. Air Force. One evening, Bryan and his wife went out to dinner, and when they returned home, they discovered that their two puppies had shredded their carpeting. They hired a flooring company and when the installers arrived, Bryan watched them complete the job. Intrigued, Bryan expressed an interest in the trade and before he knew it, he went from being a customer to a contractor. When he began contemplating how to start a flooring company of his own, Bryan took the steps necessary to bring Footprints Floors to fruition. 

DIY-Flooring Installations Gone Wrong

Installing floors is as much an art as it is a trade. It’s not just about securing the appropriate materials and using the right tools — it’s also about seeing the process through from start to finish. DIY-flooring installations gone wrong result in a consistent source of jobs for franchise owners at Footprints Floors. When a Footprints Floor employee meets someone who took the DIY route, and now has to take the DIA (do-it-again) route, they don’t judge or criticize; instead, they do whatever they can to figure out what they can do to help. When a well-intentioned, cost-saving DIY renovation backfires, Footprints Floors franchise owners provide customers with a free estimate. 

Footprints Floors welcomes potential customers to contact them for all their flooring needs, and also invites individuals who may be interested in operating a Footprints Floors franchise to learn more about this opportunity at This year, Footprints Floors was included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, a list that recognizes the fastest-growing franchises within the United States and Canada. 

For more information about Footprints Floors, visit or call 303-550-0837.

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