Fingernails2go Offers Opportunity in the Fastest Growing Area of the Cosmetics Industry

The world of glamour and cosmetics has moments of dramatic change, but they are few and far between.

Since the time that the pyramids were built, cosmetics have remained constant. Blushers, lip paints, eye liners, nail polishes, eye shadow.

Wait. Something is changing.

Fingernails. Nail art. The fastest growing area of the cosmetics industry. Driven by the consumer wanting to do something different.

And now you can join in this revolution, and join with HP, Tensator SA and Tritron with a Fingernails2Go kiosk. A Kiosk that will change the way that nails are painted for ever. The only kiosk that has the HP developed digital printer specifically made for nail printing. The kiosk that is built by Tensator, a leading manufacturer of kiosks for a range of industries, and that has speciality inks developed by Tritron that are regulated around the world for health and safety.

The Fingernails2Go Kiosk has been developed by Butch Baird. We interviewed Butch to find out more.

How does it work?

The kiosk is simple to operate. The customer can either print their choice of design onto their own nails, or onto a set of acrylic nails. It is quick and the quality and durability of the printing is superb. Anyone buying a kiosk will get full training. There are also marketing opportunities as the screen can play ads while not being used for printing, and point of purchase advertising is also available – with sound too if you want it – while the printing process is underway.

What was the big breakthrough?

I thought through the process of nail printing, and it kept coming back to me that the person who is going to put their finger into a machine has to trust that it is going to work, and be safe. That made me think that we needed the best printer and the best kiosk manufacturer Tensator approached HP on our behalf and since then our relationship has been great -working together to develop a unique solution, hitting all the quality thresholds you would expect from such a reputable brand. HP had already worked closely with Tensator, and so they recommended them for the kiosk design and build. The inks needed to be completely safe, so Tritron developed a range of speciality inks that are unique to Fingernails2Go. The support that we have received from our manufacturing partners has been amazing.

How many designs are there?

How many? It is unlimited. The nails can be as unique as a fingerprint. The customer can choose from the range of thousands that are on the kiosk, or design their own. Pets, friends, favourite music artists, a photo of the flower that has just blossomed in the yard. This is an opportunity for creativity. If you have just bought a new dress or blouse with a pattern, get your nails done like that too. If you are heading to a red carpet with a colorful gown, why not get your nails to match?

What about the business opportunity?

This is where I get really excited. The Fingernails2Go Kiosk is a business in itself, but also a driver of sales wherever it is located: a store, a mall, an airport or railway station, beauty parlour or shoe shop. If you have a kiosk in your boutique, it will bring people in, giving you a chance to show them other products. If they are buying new clothes, you can sell them nails too. If you want to lower your customer age profile, this is a way to do it, as young girls will probably be more likely to change designs more often.

The marketing opportunities are huge too. Has there been a better product for social media sharing – you can see the first thing that lots of young people will do will be to share images of their nails, and that will promote the location and the kiosk. We are putting a worldwide marketing plan in place using the digital channels, competitions, video, and partnerships. #fingernails2go will get your designs onto our website and social channels.

The screens can also be used for in-store advertising, promoting products in the store, or advertising brands who have bought space through agencies.

Can you buy one kiosk, or do you need to go through a distributor?

There are no rules. If you want one kiosk, buy one, but if you want to distribute kiosks in an agreed area, we can have that conversation too. Our website has an easy to fill in form and we will get in touch by Skype around the world.

Butch is an enthusiast. He loves the process of taking an idea and seeing it through. He does not see barriers, he sees opportunities, and it is our opinion that Fingernails2Go is a great opportunity.

Fingernails2Go is a proud partner of the Pink Ribbon charity, with a contribution from every sale.  

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