Fastsigns Dedicated to Recruiting Veteran Franchise Owners

FASTSIGNS® understands and appreciates the valuable contribution of America’s veterans and is dedicated to recruiting them as franchise owners.

The worldwide franchisor of more than 575 sign, graphic and visual communications centers in 9 countries, FASTSIGNS International Inc., has an award-winning, nationally recognized veteran program that is adding more and more veterans each year.

Veterans possess a number of valuable skills and a wealth of experience essential to a franchise system and currently make up 12% of the total number of FASTSIGNS franchisees. They understand the importance of following and executing a plan and using a systematic approach to achieving their goals.

“FASTSIGNS is committed to providing veterans with the best franchise ownership opportunity available. In addition to offering financial support, we’re there to help them with initial and ongoing training, site selection and marketing,” says Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS.

As part of the commitment to veterans, FASTSIGNS is also a proud participant of the VetFran program (Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative) which is a program launched through the International Franchise Association. It assists veterans returning from deployment to access franchise opportunities through training, financial assistance and industry support.

Monson continues, “We truly appreciate the sacrifices that our servicemen and women have made for our country. We want to make sure our veterans have every opportunity when it comes to securing a career in franchising.”

“Vets are disciplined, driven, self – motivated and possess leadership skills that make them ideal franchisees,” explains Mark Jameson, Executive Vice President of Franchise Support and Development. “They have typically had some degree of responsibility in the military and have acquired numerous skills during their military service which makes them wellsuited to our franchise system.”

FASTSIGNS is committed to offering aggressive financial support and resources that will help veterans every step of the way. In fact, with a new agreement with Benetrends and an existing partnership with Franchise America Finance™, FASTSIGNS now has $21 million in SBA  funding available for approved franchisees, including those who purchase existing FASTSIGNS centers.

“Robust franchise growth will continue into 2015, with plans calling for an estimated 50 new FASTSIGNS centers to open by year’s end in North America and expansion into five new countries,” says

Veterans that join the FASTSIGNS® network can take advantage of specific incentives including a reduced franchise fee of $18,750, a savings of 50%, in addition to reduced royalties and advertising fees for the first year. The average total investment range for a new center is between $164,753- $299,874 and the liquid capital requirement is $80,000.

Additionally, new franchisees are provided with comprehensive training program which consists of four weeks of initial training (one week at a local FASTSIGNS center, two weeks at the Dallas headquarters and one week of onsite training in their new center). Pre-opening marketing and grand opening support is provided to drive customers immediately to the new location.

Franchisees can expect ongoing support with dedicated business consultants available to assist with business and finance training, sales and marketing, production and staff management advice. In addition, a unique franchisee mentor program is in place to guide and assist new business owners. Continuous support is also available through 24 hour web-based learning systems for the ever-changing business environment.

“As a franchisor, there is no greater gratification than seeing our franchisees happy, satisfied and receiving the support they need from the corporate team.” Monson Says. “Our ultimate goal is to help franchisees thrive in their businesses and achieve their personal dreams, and when that happens, everyone is happy.”

Currently, more than 12 percent of the company’s U.S. network is comprised of military veterans, including Eric Schnitzer, who opened his FASTSIGNS location in Brandon, Fla. in August 2013. “Upon retiring from the Air Force, I decided to start a business and be my own boss. In my time in the military, I learned leadership and management skills, how to put a team together and set objectives to ensure everyone works towards a common goal,” said Schnitzer. “FASTSIGNS offers a great deal of ongoing training, guidance, and support and is providing me with the opportunity to strive in the areas I know best and I couldn’t ask for more.”

Doug Graham is one example of a military veteran and franchisee that appreciates the support that FASTSIGNS offers. Graham served in the Colorado Air National Guard and also opened his FASTSIGNS center in 2013 .
“After retiring from the Air Force, I quickly realized the skill sets that I had developed over the last 12 years were very specialized, and they weren’t what a lot of companies were looking for. I began looking into franchising and found that FASTSIGNS fit perfectly into what my idea of a company should be,” said Graham. “Much like the military in the support and family type atmosphere and attitudes, I found that the “we’re in this together” feeling that is portrayed throughout the organization appealed to my sense of purpose. FASTSIGNS provided plenty of backup help and training and they remained in contact with me throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure working with them getting things up and running for my business.”

As businesses are looking for more innovative solutions to compete in the marketplace, signage has never been more important. Advertisers are expanding into new media such as digital signage and mobile websites and FASTSIGNS is positioned to meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment with products and services that expand beyond the traditional printing of the past. As a leader in the visual communications industry, potential franchisees are guaranteed to be part of a growing and successful industry and veterans are an integral part of FASTSIGNS plans for future expansion.

For more information contact Mark Jameson at: Phone: 214-346-5679



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