Enthusiasm and Hustle are This Franchisor’s Secret Weapons

Boulder Designs franchise business CEO Butch Mogavero

Passion Wins for Boulder Designs CEO Butch Mogavero and his Unique Franchise Opportunity ​

Anyone who has met Butch Mogavero knows that he lives and breathes his niche franchise brand, Boulder Designs. With endless enthusiasm for the business model and concept, the passionate CEO never gets tired of talking about the franchise opportunity and its possible applications. 

Even though Mogavero didn’t come up with the original concept himself, there’s no denying that Boulder Designs is his labor of love, and it has been since he first laid his eyes on the products back in 2010. “I could see huge possibilities from the start. Acquisition of Boulder Designs was a long road for Mogavero, but he finally took ownership of the operation in 2016, along with its sister company, Border Magic.

Endless Applications

Made of a proprietary material, Boulder Designs are custom creations that look like stone. From large-scale monuments to gateway signs, memorials and outdoor decor such as fire pits, entry stands, planters and benches, the offerings are only limited to one’s imagination. “The applications are endless,” says Mogavero.

For residential customers, the boulders add character to homes with personalized address signs, namesakes and cute messages. For commercial clients, a custom-engraved boulder can turn a company’s entrance into a landmark. Franchisees can opt to create big-ticket jobs for business clients and or sell smaller stones and lawn decor to residential customers. “They can hunt elephants or rabbits, it’s up to the franchise owner,” Mogavero says about the sales approach.

Franchise Success

Now with almost 200 franchise owners, Mogavero attributes the brand’s steady success and growth to his background in franchising, the help of some amazing mentors, plus some good old-fashioned hard work. Mogavero instilled his work ethic in his son Seth, who now serves as the General Manager of the franchise. 

It’s a whole bunch of little things that make a big difference.

Butch Mogavero

Mogavero and his team are looking for candidates who share their enthusiasm and dedication. “Passion wins. People who go all-in and are willing to follow our system do well as franchise owners,” he says. “We put together a system that works, and franchisees succeed when they follow it.”  

Mogavero’s commitment to franchisee success isn’t just talk. Despite the large number of franchisees, he says he has a relationship with each and every one of them and makes himself available 24 hours a day. “If any franchisee needs my help, I am always a phone call away,” he says. “I’ll hop on a plane and accompany a franchisee on sales calls or at a home show. I’ve done that many times and often it’s just what’s needed to get an uncertain new franchisee in a good place. “I have learned that it’s a whole bunch of little things that make a big difference.”

Why Boulder Designs?

Boulder Designs offers a niche franchise opportunity for enthusiastic, motivated professionals. Here are some of the many benefits that come with ownership:

  • Fun, creative business
  • Lucrative (high margins)
  • B2b and B2c
  • Endless applications and
    product offerings
  • Few employees needed 
  • Home-based business
  • Unique, niche concept
  • Recession resistant
  • No direct competition
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