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Coverall’s Commitment to Franchised Business Owners

A franchise company is only as strong as the field team that supports its franchisees, and that couldn’t be truer for Coverall North America, Inc. (“Coverall”), a leading franchisor of commercial cleaning businesses. Like other franchisors, Coverall takes great pride in supporting their Franchised Business Owners to help them in their business startup phase and consulting with them in the continuing operation of their independent commercial cleaning businesses. The Coverall System’s investment and commitment to its Franchisees are showcased by the structured approach to developing and strengthening the Coverall® brand. At the helm of this approach are Coverall’s Divisional Business Development Managers – Ronnie Harris, Steve Huck, and Mark Searcy.

What is your central focus as a Divisional Business Development Manager?

Steve Huck: My main role is to help develop our Regional Business Development Managers in our Support Centers across the country. It’s my job to ensure they are prepared with the right knowledge and tools to train our Franchised Business Owners, then serve as business consultants in today’s competitive environment in the operation of the commercial cleaning businesses owned by those Coverall Franchisees. From time to time the Regional Development Managers also provide Coverall Franchisees information relating to and training with new tools, methods, technology and chemicals for use in their businesses.

How do you support the development of new and/or ongoing training programs for Coverall Franchised Business Owners?

Ronnie Harris: The Divisional Business Development Managers are always looking for new ways to help to improve the productivity, efficiency and innovation of the Coverall® Program. We share with the Regional Development Managers any new products we think could benefit the Coverall Program overall.

Steve Huck: As a whole, the Divisional BDM strives to lead by example. We believe that by empowering, encouraging and establishing a solid commitment and high level of professional integrity, we set the stage for all of our Regional Business Development Managers to keep educating themselves.

Mark Searcy: In addition to sharing knowledge, I also research new and innovative commercial cleaning technology that could potentially fit the Coverall Program and ultimately help our Franchised Businesses effectively provide excellent services to their customers. All franchise systems want their franchisees to provide products and/or services that meet the standards associated with the brand. It is the essence of franchising. And to that end, we strive to provide our Franchisees with the newest technological advancements in the commercial cleaning industry.

What differentiates the Coverall® System in regards to what it offers potential franchisees?

Steve Huck: The key differentiator is the Coverall Core 4® Process, which includes hundreds of specialized cleaning protocols using four advanced cleaning technologies: hospital-grade disinfectants, color-coded microfiber, no-dip flat mop and the HEPA backpack vacuum. The Core 4® Process is a unique, one-of-a-kind system.

Mark Searcy: I truly believe Coverall has the best training and support network in the industry. Every manager is fully committed to the support of our Coverall Franchised Businesses. Our training doesn’t stop after they complete our Initial Training Program. It is an ongoing part of our continuing franchise support.

Do you ever find you need to change your approach in how you assist and train Franchised Business Owners?

Ronnie Harris: Our approach may change slightly, but our delivery remains the same. We are committed to instructing and consulting with our Franchised Business Owners on how to use the Coverall Program, so that they and their employees can maintain the high Coverall brand standards in the operation of their commercial cleaning businesses. That, in turn, can lead to their ability to obtain and retain more business. We want them to succeed.

Mark Searcy: We all rely on one another from time to time. Sometimes we need to bounce ideas off of each other to see what’s working and what needs to be modified. This is an industry that is constantly moving and changing, so as managers, we all need to learn from one another and make changes to our training methods when necessary. Technological advances also make it necessary for us to alter our approach. We strive to be on top of the latest and greatest trends to keep the Coverall Program on the cutting edge, ultimately giving our Franchisees access to the most up to date advances for use in their businesses.

How would you define success as a Divisional Business Development Manager?

Ronnie Harris: I measure my success by seeing the Regional Business Development Managers deliver the Coverall training material successfully to our Franchisees. This allows our Franchisees to take the Coverall Program and run an effective commercial cleaning business.

Mark Searcy: Success comes in a variety of forms. As Ronnie mentioned, success can be measured by the effective delivery of the Coverall training material by our Regional Business Development Managers. Ultimately though, success is determined by the performance of Coverall Franchisees and their employees, which equates to the overall satisfaction of their customers.

Steve Huck: To me, success is surrounding yourself with the best of the best, which is what we do at Coverall. Our success as a team is key. We’re all in this together to help support our Franchisees. Their success is our objective.

Interested in exploring Coverall franchised business opportunities? Please visit, www.coverall.com/franchise-opportunities.aspx.

 Coverall North America, Inc., and its Master Franchisees license and support more than 8,000 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses worldwide under the Coverall® brand and System.

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