From Employee to Franchise Owner

Often with franchises, an employee who works for the business will enjoy it so much that they want to get involved as an owner.

That’s exactly what happened with Dan Mulrenin, a former instructor with driving academy Teen Road to Safety, who is the company’s first franchisee.

Mulrenin, who served with the U.S. Marine Corps from 1975-79 (honorably discharged as a sergeant) and then as a Los Angeles Police officer from 1980-2008 (retired as a lieutenant) purchased his Teen Road to Safety franchise in May 2011.

Prior to purchasing his franchise, Mulrenin was an instructor at the driving academy. He respected the fact that Teen Road to Safety president Andrew Wunderlich was dedicated to teaching safe driving.

“I purchased the franchise because of the business model of using retired law enforcement officers as instructors and the professionalism of the way we teach,” the franchisee said in a recent interview.

Although focusing on teenagers, the company teaches all people who are old enough to drive using the same training methods that police officers receive for their own driver training.

Captain of his own ship

After serving in the military and then on a police force and finally as an employee in a business, Mulrenin wanted to know what it was like to be his own boss, so he jumped at the chance to go from instructor to franchisee.

Being involved with the business already meant that it was extremely easy for him to transition into being an owner. Mulrenin said Wunderlich was helpful in showing him the management side and the on-going support that TRTS provides continues to be an important resource for him.

Like most franchisees, Mulrenin found that getting the business started was a lot of work, but his work/life balance is getting better now. He doesn’t do as much instructing anymore, instead leaving that to his top notch team while he concentrates on the marketing of the business.

Learning this side of the business is something that prospective franchisees need to be prepared for he says, however having the support of a great system behind you really makes the difference. “It is challenging, fun and you have to be very dedicated,” Mulrenin said. “The rewards of being your own boss are very gratifying.”

However, even more gratifying for Mulrenin is the fact that Teen Road to Safety can have such a positive impact on people’s lives through the company’s dedication to teaching teens and adults to drive safely.

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