Emerging Franchisors Hitting the Accelerator With Franchise Foundry and Its Strategic Partners

Houston based franchise development agency announces HUB like community of business partners poised to help young franchise systems generate aggressive, yet sustainable, growth.

Franchise Foundry, a Houston Based agency dedicated to accelerating development and digital strategies for emerging franchise brands, has worked hard in Q1 2015 to solidify strategic partnerships with multiple franchise focused companies who offer complementary services to emerging franchisors working with Foundry.

With these HUB like relationships in place, Foundry clients will benefit from a wide range of services outside of the franchise consulting, development and digital strategies offered by Foundry, such as portal development, content creation,social media support, brand audits,and marketing and fulfillment support.

According to Paul Segreto, Franchise Foundry’s CEO, these partnerships have allowed his company to cultivate
a community that benefits all parties involved in franchising – franchisors,franchisees,and suppliers.

“By developing this innovative Hub of strategic partners, we have created a community within which Franchise
Foundry clients can access some of the best and brightest minds in franchising,” said Segreto. “We work with more than a dozen emerging franchise brands that need business partners capable of refining, sharing, and promoting their inspirational stories. And I’m thrilled to report that we have aligned ourselves with an elite group
of partners capable of helping our clients do just that.”

An Inside Look at The Franchise Foundry HUB Community

The Franchise Foundry team began exploring the idea of building a HUB community in Q4 2014 when Manalto,
a social media management software company, named Segreto to their Advisory Board in order to benefit from his
franchising pedigree and social media expertise.

“The Manalto relationship really opened my eyes to the possibilities because it made so much sense for our clients,” said Segreto. “As our clients grow and prosper, they will need a highly reputable partner capable of providing a software solution to help manage their brand across multiple social media platforms. Now, we can
simply introduce them to the Manalto team and save them the time. And that got us thinking – who else do we know within franchising who can make life easier for our clients?”

So, Segreto and the Foundry team hit 2015 with a head full of steam, actively creating partnerships with highly regarded companies within franchising who could provide Foundry clients with services they need to thrive as a growing franchisor. In addition to Monalto, these companies are as follows:

• 919 Marketing, a leading content marketing agency specializing in social relations™ programs,works with Franchise Foundry clients to create, refine, and share, their unique and powerful story with customers and franchise prospects in ways that generate brand awareness and preference.

• FRM Solutions, a leading franchise relationship management company offering the only franchise sales and compliance solutions integrated with Microsoft Outlook, helps Franchise Foundry clients “navigate the maze” of CRM and portal development with complete lifecycle management – taking qualified prospects from the exploration phase all the way to grand opening.

• Business Partner, a one stop solution for businesses seeking creative promotion and fulfillment marketing products, is capable of fulfilling the printing, trade show display, and promotional product needs of all
Franchise Foundry clients.

• MFV Expositions, the trade show host responsible for many of the leading shows in franchising that are laser focused on generating profitable relationships between franchise brands and qualified prospects, such as the Franchise Expo South, International Franchise Expo, and the West Coast Franchise Expo, has engaged Franchise Foundry team as their social media management partner. This helps MFV in its mission to inform and educate individuals interested in franchising on many different levels – which is the similar mission of Franchise Foundry.

Franchise Foundry Expands its Service Offerings

While powerful, this newly established HUB community only tells part of the story. Franchise Foundry has also recently launched Accelerated Digital Strategies (ADS), a move that will enable Foundry to use social media tools and digital technology for information sharing and educational purposes.

According to Franchise Foundry President, Deb Evans, there are specific differences between ADS digital and social media strategies and those presented by reputable marketing companies.

“With ADS, we will help our clients communicate the value of their franchise model and educate all parties
of the franchise relationship, including franchisees, franchisors, employees, suppliers, consumers, and of course,
franchise candidates,” said Evans. “Of course, marketing messages are part of the package, but ADS strategies are different than marketing specific social media strategies because they are laser focused on building and leveraging communities both internal and external for the brand. Ultimately, ADS helps franchisors drive brand awareness and growth while developing an internal culture defined by open communication and transparency.

As Franchise Foundry heads into Q2 2015 and beyond, it can offer all clients access to its newly established HUB community while providing three powerful service offerings custom built to help emerging franchisors accelerate growth. These are as follows:

• Accelerated Development Strategies – providing franchise sales and development expertise for emerging and
established brands alike.
• Accelerated Franchise Strategies – providing franchisor coaching and consulting services necessary to build
sustainable franchise brands.
• Accelerated Digital Strategies – providing digital solutions focused on building communities while driving
growth at all levels of a franchise organization.

Segreto, Evans and the entire Franchise Foundry team are excited to get to work helping their clients capitalize on these new relationships and all three Foundry service offerings. For more information about
Franchise Foundry, please visit

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