The Dripbar’s First Franchisee Continues Life-Long Mission to Help Others

At a time when health and wellbeing is front of mind for most Americans, we spoke to entrepreneur, Airforce veteran and franchise owner Dr. Cedrick Spears about the emerging IV therapy business.

What peaked your interest in a franchise and particularly THE DRIPBaR?

About 15 years ago I started my own home care agency, Quality Personal Care Inc., in Clarksville, Tennessee and later expanded it to Texas and then Atlanta. I was able to gain a lot of experience in the franchise world by building my own from the ground up and serving around 200 patients at a time, and now I want to broaden my horizons by becoming a franchisee of THE DRIPBaR. In order to become a better mentor and business leader, I know I need to work in both positions to be able to better help others.

I decided to start Quality Personal Care Inc. with the ultimate goal of helping others. THE DRIPBaR also provides me with the opportunity to continue to help my current patients and also expand that support to a wider population in a similar, health-related way. Plus, I believe the IV therapy business is similar to how the home care business was 15 years ago. Home care was rarely talked about, which gave me an edge when I first started in the industry. Now, I have an established agency because I got in at the right time. That’s how IV therapy is today – 15 years from now, everyone is going to want a piece of the pie.

What are your plans with your franchise location in Atlanta and why do you think THE DRIPBaR is seeing interest all over from prospective franchisees?

In the short-term, I’m opening an amazing location in Atlanta and I can’t wait to start servicing people in the Metro Atlanta area. In the long-term, my goal is to have three operating and successful DRIPBaR locations and I want to keep expanding. I would love to continue to help more and more people with new locations.

THE DRIPBaR is seeing interest because the concept offers people a chance to maximize their health at a time when people are being more proactive about leading a healthy lifestyle. The brand is cutting-edge, effective and innovative with everything it does and offers one of the largest selections of IV drips. From my experience, THE DRIPBaR is fully dedicated to ensuring the success of their franchisees and providing them with the proper support.

Explain to us why this franchise is unique and what THE DRIPBaR offers to consumers.

THE DRIPBaR is particularly unique because the brand and the people behind it use modern technology to advance efforts in the overall industry – they aren’t just focused on the brand but rather the whole IV therapy community. The concept uses the new digital age to its advantage in everything to the systems put in place and the training processes to the education of both guests and wider audiences on the benefits of IV therapy. THE DRIPBaR team truly wants to help as many people as they can with their IV therapy drips, and this is how I knew I had made the right choice when I was looking for franchises to become a part of.

For consumers, THE DRIPBaR has one of the larger selections of IV therapy drips so there’s something that works for everyone. For cancer clients we have the High C, which is our 50g high dose vitamin C infusion and is offered with the Mistletoe drip subcutaneously. For anyone undergoing surgery we have the PreOp and PostOp drips, while our Jetsetter drip is perfect for anyone traveling and the Allstar drip is for those who train, weight lift and pursue athletic endeavors.

How has your past experience in the Air Force and as a Veteran prepared you for this new career venture?

The Airforce prepared me with three core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all you do. These values are what I live by and how I lead by. I believe that to be a great leader, you need to be all about honesty and to serve others first. In everything you do, strive for excellence and not perfection. If your goal is perfection, then you are instantly setting yourself up for failure because you won’t be able to achieve it. But, if you shoot for excellence instead, you’ll be able to rest soundly at night knowing you gave your all.

What do you hope to accomplish as the first franchisee for THE DRIPBaR?

I hope to be the prime and ideal model of how a successful IV infusion bar should operate. I want other people to look at my location and my work and see me as the standard to aspire to. For THE DRIPBaR, I want to be a trailblazer and show other potential franchisees, the corporate team, and the industry that this is a valuable and successful venture that is capable of helping a great number of people, whether they are seeking IV therapy for health conditions or just to improve and maintain their maximum health.

What would you like consumers to know about THE DRIPBaR?

Now more than ever people are actively looking for new ways to improve and maintain their health and this franchise is set to see tremendous growth because of this. THE DRIPBaR cares about your health and well-being and wants to see people achieve their optimum health. We want to see you be your best self with the help of our healthy lifestyle alternatives. We are here for our guests and local residents and we want to see them be as healthy as they can be.

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