Digitally Empowering Your Franchise Network

Congratulations! Your company is a success. But will your current marketing software infrastructure be able to handle future marketing success?

Are you confident in your scalability? Do you have a proven partner in the franchising world that will take you to the next level? Your challenge: leveraging the power of the Internet to improve efficiencies and helping your prospects successfully navigate their journey.

Just how are you going to go about joining the ranks of the digitally empowered?  Rick Diviesti, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Primero Systems, weighs in on the challenges facing franchises in the digital age – and how to meld the expertise and operational insights of conventional franchise businesses with the speed and agility of the web.

Meet Webtreepro

An enterprise digital franchising platform designed to optimize franchisor and franchisee effectiveness,  Primero’s Webtreepro automates your web marketing and operational touch points – and eliminates content silos that have built up over time.  Webtreepro utilizes technology that enhances the way you want to run your business – maximizing your content and enabling creativity.

The franchising marketing model has many touch points: mobile, franchise awards, company website, franchise websites, email, CRM, digital asset management, publishing and editing, syndication, analytics, social media and SEO, just to name a few. Because of these numerous touch points, it is often difficult for franchisors to see the forest for the trees. Diviesti, who in his over 20 years of online sales and marketing has seen his fair share of companies come and go, cites strategic content management as a big key to marketing success – particularly in the world of franchising.

Online experiences are the hallmark of a digital franchise, and managing content across these websites becomes a key capability both when engaging customers and when supporting internal operations. This is where Webtreepro comes in.  From easy access to essential operational information – to allowing a consistent look-and-feel and a shared, centralized source of content for all franchisees – Webtreepro enables franchisors to thrive in the digital age. A complete solution for digital connections, it gives brand owners a great user experience with flexible technology that enables, not dictates, the creative process.

Franchise Friendly Features and Benefits

A key differentiator of the Webtreepro platform is the win-win technology to support franchisors’ websites. Utilizing your personalized workflow, you can create and edit content once. If it is a campaign, you place it into the automated start /stop calendaring feature and syndicate it to all franchisees. Webtreepro doesn’t stop there – it has additional features that allow for franchisee autonomy. They can add locally-sourced content to their own sites with localized SEO and social media. This information can be managed within a predefined operational framework set by enterprise roles and permissions.

Webtreepro was developed by Primero, an international software development company with a strong franchising background. According to Diviesti, “Over the last eight years, we’ve developed a virtually unlimited set of features that enable best practices for any size franchise network, be it large or small. From consistent branding to operational efficiencies and localized geographic marketing, we’re giving franchisors what they’re looking for.”  And, from the ground up, Primero has made it easy to use – Webtreepro has deep functionality, yet it allows non-technical personnel to manage digital assets and operations with a few clicks of the software.

Among the features that Diviesti noted are the creation of branded websites, editing capabilities, advanced search, website SEO page friendliness, a mobile-responsive design, inclusion of statistics/analytics, promotions, 3rd party integrations (email, CRM, social media), and scalability.

With Webtreepro, newly awarded franchisees are up and running within minutes. They have their own local-responsive site complete with defined roles and permissions. This gives the franchisor the ability to push content to the franchisee site, yet give the local franchisee the flexibility to promote locally created content (such as promotions). This feature can be automated or used opportunistically. The benefit is an enhanced customer experience. Looking for scalability? Webtreepro has it in spades – it is hosted, supported and monitored on a lightning-fast, national Tier-1 hosting facility. Need help? Primero’s phones are answered by some of the best training and support specialists in the market.

Superior Customer Experience

Webtreepro is a proven entity that can be relied on to manage all of the content and operational marketing needs of your network of franchisees. Webtreepro is currently fueling thousands of sites, including some of the fastest-growing national franchises in the USA. Your customers are out there on their journey.  You have the content. Now is the time to maximize your potential. If you’re ready to join the digital revolution, Webtreepro is a great place to start.

Deciding on a Web Content Management Platform? Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Creation of Branded Websites – How quickly can a franchisee website be up and running?
  • Brand Consistency – Can I control syndicated content on parts of a website?
  • Editing Capabilities – Can I:
    • Preview pages exactly as they will look live?
    • Add custom pages?
    • Assign permissions?
    • Dictate parent/child page relationships?
    • Website SEO Page Friendliness – Can I:
      • Add custom (or default) meta-titles, descriptions, H1 tags, etc.?
      • Design a custom URL structure?
      • Easily add Google Analytics without need of a technician?
      • Mobile – Responsive Design – is it SEO friendly?
      • Statistics – Are analytics available?
      • Integrations – How easy is it to integrate with 3rd parties?
      • Scalability of Platform – Will it grow with the business?
      • Domain Name Structure – Is there a sub domain – or sub directories?

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