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Definitive Software Solutions, LLC (DSS) is a software development company specializing in franchise management software.

Our product, Franchise View, is a cloud-based enterprise system that works with franchisor and franchisees to further their business initiatives and gain efficiency through software and business systems.

Franchise View offers cloud-centric data, accessibility, streamlined management, a dedicated support staff, and is simple and easy to use.  Integrating with Point of Sale systems, Franchise View gathers all data and information when you want it – whether that be “real time”, every five minutes, or every evening – allowing you to be in control.

The Franchise View solution makes it easy to view financial data through online accounting integration, create and view custom reports, track franchise sales and marketing campaigns, send training materials and track progress, track employee time, and much more, all through an internet browser.

Keeping track of data for multiple locations has never been easier.  Ultimately, Franchise View pulls together all of your de-centralized franchise stores into one “Franchise View”.

Log on to or give us a call to request a FREE online demo and see what Franchise View can do for you!

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