Coverall: Meet the Franchisees

Joseph Tocco – Coverall Franchised Business – Deuceco Enterprises

In business since: 2011           

The best advice Joseph Tocco can offer other business owners is to ensure you have someone to rely on as your support system. Tocco took his own advice and started his franchised business with Coverall North America, Inc. out of the Master-owned region of Northwest Ohio.

Though Tocco hit a trifecta – he counts his employees, Coverall Support Center team, and his family as his support system – the 2014 Coverall Franchised Business Owner of the Year (large category) didn’t always heed his own advice. Tocco started his entrepreneurial career in Ohio as a restaurant owner. He spent all day, every day at the restaurant and soon realized that he couldn’t do everything on his own.

In 2011, Tocco made an industry switch and joined the Coverall System by starting his franchised business. He set a goal to expand his business the following year, and through hard work, focusing on customer relations and hiring the right team, he succeeded. Tocco currently has 20 employees servicing approximately 60 customers throughout the Northwest Ohio market.

Tocco hired his current General Manager, Kris Anderson, a few years ago to help him grow the business by assisting employees with business development while also nurturing current customer relationships. It’s those things, he says, that create long-term relationships, such as the one he has with his very first customer, one of the area’s largest car dealerships.

Tocco also credits his company’s growth to his wife, family and General Manager, Kris Anderson, as well as the guidance he received from Jim Giannone, Master Owner of Coverall of Northwest Ohio, and his Coverall Support Center Team. Without them, he says his business would not be what it is today. In fact, it was only after speaking with Giannone that Tocco decided to start his Coverall franchised business..

“It’s a good feeling to know you have the backup of a great team and Support Center behind you at all times,” said Tocco. 

Milko Nunez – Coverall Franchised Business – Kolka Corporation

In business since: 2005           

Fifteen years in the garment industry helped Milko Nunez realize that if he wanted to achieve his goal of being his own boss, he was going to have to make a change. In 2005, he made the decision to work for himself by starting his franchised commercial cleaning business with Coverall North America, Inc., a leading franchised brand that licenses thousands of entrepreneurs to operate independent commercial cleaning businesses using the Coverall® brand and System.

Nunez always possessed the qualities of a leader and entrepreneur. For nearly two decades, he had helped grow a wedding dress business in the New York City area and knew he could do the same with his own business, no matter what it was. With his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit guiding him, he moved forward with his biggest decision and sought out an opportunity with Coverall. And, while he did not have any commercial cleaning experience, he liked the opportunity and was confident this was the way to start and build his own business.

“The key to running my business is communication with my customers and the local Coverall Support Center,” said Nunez. “Great communication goes a long way to help maintain happy customers and a healthy business.”

Today, with nearly 80 customers ranging from childcare centers to churches, he is the first to admit that starting and running a business is no easy task.

“It was a challenge in the beginning, but the Coverall Support Center has been helpful over the years,” said Nunez. “My customers are my first priority and it is my responsibility to be there for them rain, snow or shine.”

Milko Nunez and his wife also find time to run their foundation, Familia Unida Sembrando Sonrisas, which delivers medical supplies, coloring books, toys and food each year to children with cancer at Hospital SOLCA (Sociedad de Lucha Contra el Cancer) in Portoviejo, Ecuador.

Alex Trukhin – Coverall Franchised Business – Tru-Globe, LLC

In business since: 2006           

Becoming a business owner allows for its own challenges, but Alex Trukhin faces an even bigger challenge than most when running his franchised business. He is deaf. Diagnosed at just six months old, Trukhin is a true testament that disabilities do not inhibit opportunity.

It all started in 2002 when Trukhin saw an advertisement for the Coverall System on a passing truck. It was a sign. He then decided to inquire about Coverall franchised business opportunities and whether the opportunity would be suited to someone with impaired hearing. After learning more about the opportunity, Trukhin took his future into his own hands and started his Coverall franchised business.

The road to entrepreneurship hasn’t always been easy for Trukhin. Then again, it isn’t easy for anyone.

“I have encountered a few barriers along the way when it comes to communicating with customers,” he explains. “But, I’ve been able to overcome them through modern technology and other ways of communication such as emailing, texting and video conferences.”

Today, Trukhin has more than 35 customers throughout the Greater Houston area and credits much of his success to the support he has received from the Coverall(R) System and his local community. So much so, that he wanted to give back to his biggest supporters – the Deaf community.

All six of Trukhin’s employees are deaf, and he takes pride in knowing that he is able to drive job growth by helping those who might struggle to find employment. That mindset perfectly aligns with Coverall’s mission to promote economic growth and independence for a diverse group of business owners by providing franchised business ownership opportunities.

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