Clayton Kendall INC. Helps Military Branches With Branding Efforts

Clayton Kendall INC. Helps Military Branches With Branding Efforts

The Promotional Products Company Enjoys Working with Veterans

Clayton Kendall has teamed up with both the United States Navy and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, assisting them with their print and branding programs.

Broudy said, “Clayton Kendall appreciates its military clients and employees alike. We have a lot of veterans working here,” he said. “It’s nice when you can help somebody out who has a military background. Typically, they’re proficient, and disciplined. They come to work on time, and they have great work ethic and a great attitude.” Although the company doesn’t target veterans when hiring, military experience is seen as a plus for employees to have.

The business has been helping its military, franchise and corporate clients since 1999, making life easier for them, as dealing with Clayton Kendall means not having to go to several different places to get their print and other marketing materials. Businesses often have to go to a signage vendor for signage and to a screen-printing shop for branded clothing, Broudy explained. A Clayton Kendall store allows clients to utilize a single source for all their branding needs. “It’s far easier to manage one vendor than it is to manage eight or nine,” Broudy pointed out.

Clayton Kendall uses its own proprietary online store technology, to create a customized environment for each of its client communities, so everyone in those communities can order all their printed material, signage, uniforms, marketing collateral, with consistent branding.

“Locations all over the country can log in and see specifically what they’re supposed to see based on their permission group,” Co-founder and CEO Daniel Broudy said in a recent interview. For example, a franchisee in San Diego, CA and one in Jacksonville, FL can both sign into the customized online Clayton Kendall store and they’ll each see the branded products they need tailored to their own regions, price points, and permission groups. The online store will show them all the products, pricing, and artwork/disclaimers that are available to them in that region.

Keeping Things Consistent

With Clayton Kendall’s help, clients can ensure branding stays consistent across an entire brand platform. Clayton Kendall provides clients with brand consistency, because they don’t have so many different places printing their branded materials, the CEO said. All artwork is managed by the same graphic design team, and the substrates are consistent as well.

Clayton Kendall
In addition to that, dealing with Clayton Kendall makes it easier to leverage their spend and stay within budget.  Clients have one login, one place to find everything they need and they know that everything they order is going to be of the same high quality.

Clients of Clayton Kendall can download a variety of reports about what their individual locations are ordering from their online store. This enables clients to easily keep track of marketing trends and what works best in any given region of the country. Clients can proofread the artwork for all their branded items online, track orders and manage budgets, all through their Clayton Kendall online store.

Clayton Kendall Inc., a family business, has 120 employees at its Pittsburgh headquarters as well as 25 employees internationally. The company also has distribution centers in Phoenix, AZ; Honolulu, HI; Toronto, ON and Melbourne, Australia. Clayton Kendall does embroidery, screen printing, paper printing, laser engraving, signage, graphic design, merchandising, web development and logistics in house.

All web stores are custom built based on each individual client’s needs. “Our websites are constantly evolving to improve the user experience. It’s this attention to client needs coupled with proprietary technology that sets Clayton Kendall apart from its competition,” Broudy opined.

Whether serving branches of the military, major franchises or multi-location corporate clients, Clayton Kendall Inc. makes brand cohesion easy, affordable and adaptable.

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