Caregivers: The Critical Ingredient

Predominantly, if not pervasively, the non-medical in-home care industry has been, and for that matter continues to be, characterized by what I call the “warm body syndrome.” 

Traditionally, the industry has recruited its Caregivers, with a nonchalance, almost irreverence, that considered the caregiver to be simply one, static, “check the box” component necessary in arranging care for one of its clients. In other words, projecting the impression, if only by conduct, that as long as someone was “there” to help the client, the customer was “served.”

Not so says SAFE HOMECARE, a new franchisor to the industry is that is making significant in-roads and is “raising the bar” in non-medical in home care.  Utilizing a highly selective Caregiver vetting process, and looking for personality, energy and the “caring gene” and matching personality and interests of the Client and Caregiver, SAFE HOMECARE is changing the complexion of the industry.

Recognizing the vital role that Caregiver quality plays in the client relationship is essential to success.  Without a reputation for providing well rounded care, not only technically, but emotional and intellectual care as well, an organization is likely to fall victim to the “warm body syndrome.”

Make sure you communicate to your Caregivers that they are “where the rubber meets the road”, and that the entire team is depending upon them to fulfill their role by professionally carrying out their responsibilities as a compassionate, interactive Caregiver, always putting their client’s interests and well-being first.


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