The Business Case for Stickers

While social media marketing and printed ads in the newspaper can help you sell your product or recruit new clients, there is a business case for utilizing stickers along with or in addition to other marketing methods.

Here is the business case for using stickers as a marketing tool.

Cheap and Easy A/B Testing

A/B testing is when you have two or more competing advertising options available to the public. You could hire marketing firms to ask a thousand strangers which logo they prefer and which one they remember six weeks later. Or you could create several different logo stickers. Hand them out at different events, or apply them to different mailed marketing materials. Then study the response rates to each outreach effort. Did the flyers with your traditional logo do better with the new logo sticker emblazoned on the flyer relative to the flyers you’ve handed out for years? Does putting the logo a second time on the bottom of the flyer in the form of a sticker result in more people visiting your website? You can test the reach of various flyers by offering discounts to those who show up with a flyer. Then you can record the demographics of who received flyers and responded to them

You can use the same strategies to test various displays at trade shows and open air markets. Have one side with one array and items identified by a particular bar code sticker or branded sticker. Then have a different layout of products and marketing materials on the other side. Tally up what items sold for each side and the profit for each so you know which displays result in the most revenue or volume moved.

Affordable Additional Marketing

Suppose you run a franchise restaurant. Printing custom takeout bags and boxes is expensive. If you’re still experimenting with your logo design or its placement, you risk investing money in something that isn’t effective. The solution is to rely on affordable generic takeout bags and boxes. Then attach personalized stickers to these items to promote your brand, your store and your product. For example, you could apply a sticker promoting your breakfast menu to someone’s coffee and bagel to go, while the takeout box could have a sticker promoting your lunch specials or late hours for those who need coffee before hitting the night shift. If you have branded containers, you can add stickers to share information like your web domain or the opening of your newest location

This same approach allows you to add additional information as required to already printed flyers. Apply stickers that mention newly opened locations, upcoming sales, and changes in business hours. You can save yourself the waste of tossing existing printed materials when you can apply stickers with corrections or special information. And these same stickers can be applied to promotional mailers, posters and signs in the window. You could even put them on the door to your business, depending on their size and readability. Be careful attaching stickers to mailers, since this could create problems with the postal sorting machines.

The High General Return on the Investment

Stickers can have a much higher return on the investment than other forms of marketing. For example, you don’t have to buy a company car emblazoned with the company logo. Ask all of your employees to put company bumper stickers on their car. You can make the same offer to your customers, and you can increase adoption rates if you hold contests with prizes for those who are seen with branded stickers on their car. Remember that car decals will be even more widely adopted.

Your employees may wear uniforms or company T-shirts, but you can promote sales and specific items by letting them wear stickers mentioning that specifically. Don’t print T-shirts for a weekend sale when they can wear their conventional shirts and a promotional sticker.

A Win-Win for Customers

Customers love feeling valued and appreciated. Giving them freebies is a good way to achieve this. Coupons and discounts cost you money. Giving them branded stickers, they may put on their car or let the children play with generate the same goodwill without making you sell an item at half off. Your accountant will appreciate avoiding the complexity this brings, and you’ll avoid the negative impression customers have if they find out their coupons are expired or the items they want aren’t part of the discount program.

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