Brain Balance Achievement Centers Announces Collaboration

Brain Balance Achievement Centers, the leading drug-free program to help individuals improve focus, behavior, social skills and academics, announced a nationwide collaboration with Cambridge Brain Sciences(CBS), a leading online platform for cognitive assessments, co-founded by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Adrian Owen. Brain Balance is collaborating with CBS on a variety of efforts, including providing access to data in an effort to study changes in cognitive development over time and how developmental concerns impacts cognition in children and young adults.

The research study, which CBS began in May, is open to the general public as well as current enrollees in the Brain Balance program. The data collected over the next year, through both child and young adult cognitive assessments, will allow scientists at Cambridge Brain Sciences to better understand what cognitive development looks like in individuals who struggle with a myriad of challenges.

Assessments are given at the beginning and end of the Brain Balance program to compare data and showcase individual results. The CBS tool is a web-based platform for the assessment of cognitive function and the data from the initial and final assessments will be collected for research purposes. This tool measures key areas including concentration, memory, reasoning and verbal skills. Brain Balance centers nationwide began using CBS cognitive testing in May as part of a new young adult program, the Brain Balance Summer College Reboot, and will roll out to all students enrolled in a Brain Balance program in early summer.

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