Bin There Dump That – Franchisee Says Now Is the Time to Join the Company

While Bin There Dump That franchisee James Spink has nothing but praise for the company, he does have one regret about getting involved with it; he regrets that he didn’t do it sooner.

“I wish I had started six years ago rather than three years ago,” he said during a recent interview from his office in Indianapolis, IN.

After finding out about the franchise on a job board, Spink identified it as a business opportunity that fit with what he wanted at the time and he opened his franchise in 2012. He currently runs it with his wife,Lori.

They split the administrative duties with Lori handling outside sales, bookkeeping,accounting and inside sales while he also focuses on outside sales along with public relations, marketing and branding.

Bin There Dump That largely serves homeowners or contractors doing home remodeling projects or some type of
disaster restoration where they need to dispose of construction waste and other material that a municipal trash collecting service wouldn’t pick up.

That easy to run business model appealed to Spink, who, after spending 15 years in the racing industry coordinating and scheduling hundreds of races all over the country and launching new series and divisions of open wheeled racing, had just had enough.

“I wanted a lifestyle change,” he recalled. “I didn’t want to be on the road, didn’t want to live out of a suitcase anymore.”

His first 14 years in the business side of the racing industry were highly enjoyable and hardly seemed like work at all, but the last year brought a hefty dose of burnout with it and with a newly born son at home, Spink was on the lookout for a business opportunity that wouldn’t take him away from home much of time and see him crisscrossing the country.

He also wanted a businesses that both he and his wife could be involved in together.

Enter Bin There Dump That

Although Spink looked at a lot of different franchises, the folks at Bin There Dump That were great and didn’t pressure Spink at all. He described the business team as being like a family.

“It just felt like the right fit at the time,”he said.

Training and support

A graduate from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Spink identified the peer groups that Bin There Dump That has set up as being one of his main sources of support within the company. With these groups, franchisees can offer advice to each other and brainstorm ideas together.

He said their feedback is just as valuable as what he receives from the corporate office.

Spink said there is a group of 5 to 10 fellow franchisees that he talks with on a weekly basis to bounce ideas off of and get their thoughts on various facets of the business.

The support that comes from the corporate office is comprehensive, as well, it features continuing education throughout the year and an open door policy if franchisees have any questions or concerns. Much of the company’s ongoing training is done at its annual conference which just happened in February in Atlanta.

Right after buying his franchise, Spink spent a week in Toronto in Bin There Dump That’s corporate headquarters
learning about the business and also spent several days out in the field learning about actual operations of the business.

The company also kept in constant touch leading up to his opening and helped with looking for office space, meeting with the different facilities they would use in their business, getting all the proper permits from the local city in place and finding employees.

Home sweet home

With Bin There Dump That, Spink got just what he wanted; a successful business that allows him to stay close to home near his family and allows him to work closely with his wife.

“It’s been a drastic improvement in the work/life balance,” he stated. And while the business is booming, he
acknowledged that every new business is going to be labor intensive, including Bin There Dump That, and anyone who
is thinking of joining should be prepared to put in long hours to get business off the ground.

He also encouraged any potential franchisees to perform a lot of research prior to getting into any franchise to see what is and isn’t in their local market. If they are interested in joining Bin There Dump That, he recommended giving the corporate headquarters a call and learning about the brand.

Now is the right time to get involved with Bin There Dump That, as it’s a brand on the rise, Spink noted. He was one of the first locations to open in the United States and since he’s joined, the brand has tripled its numbers in the country.

He described it as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and grow with the brand. The only regret potential
franchisees may have is that they didn’t buy a franchise sooner.

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