Big Sky Franchise Team Launches Online Training Solution

With the worldwide domination of the COVID-19 virus over the last several weeks, the need for having online learning systems in place is no longer an option. Rather, it is a MUST. For franchisors, it is imperative to be able to provide online training to support franchisees with new marketing, new methods, and new services/products. The franchisor has an obligation to their franchisees to provide this continued training and, unfortunately, it is often not provided, or it is provided in a very limited scope.

The FranLeadership training system was developed to solve this problem.  This system provides an online “franchise specific” training tool that is easy to use and tracks and monitors a franchisee’s performance.  Franchisees are always asking “What have you done for me lately?” This system allows for the franchisor to provide a real solution to that question by providing online training of new programs, products, and marketing.

If you are a franchisee or franchisor reading this, you should be asking, “What kind of online training programs do we have in place?” For less than a few hundred dollars this system can be up and running to be training your current generation of franchise leaders.

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