Benefits of a Website for Your Franchise Business

There are so many benefits a person could get for having a website, mostly if it’s for the use of organizations, businesses, campaigns, and more. According to a study interpreted by Oberlo, there are a total of 4.33 billion people across the world who are currently active internet users in 2020. If we do the math, among the 7.8 billion people in the world,  57% have access to the internet, and this is the reason why E-commerce provides more opportunities for different kinds of business needs.

We understand how it’s overwhelming to manage a website, especially if you’re not tech-savvy, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be full of complicated buttons to be effective. Otherwise, users will have a hard time navigating through it. Most entrepreneurs bring their businesses online because of the unlimited opportunities it offers.

If you’re a franchise business owner and you’re still hesitating to open a website, then read on and let us help you understand how a website can benefit your business!

What is a Franchise Business?

Franchising is a form of business where the owners or “franchisors” expand their business by allowing the rights to their business name, logo, and model to third parties or “franchisees”. Once the business is fully operating, the franchisee will pay the franchisor regularly for using the rights of the business.

Advantages of Having a Website for Your Franchise Business

24/7 Online Presence

Having an online presence can bring major benefits to your business. You can help more potential customers and clients find it anytime and anywhere. Just like what Something Web Design has mentioned, having a website can generate leads and sales for your business. It can also help share your expertise, build your reputation, create a community, entertain visitors, and provide excellent customer service.

A website also makes it easier to exhibit the products and services you offer, giving potential clients a moment to decide what to avail from you, by comparing features, price rates, deals, and more.

A Website Makes Your Business Look Professional

In 2015, Verisign conducted a survey with ages 18 to 59 in the United States. They concluded that 84% of these respondents believe that having a website makes your business look more credible than only having a social media page. A website is also the ideal place to showcase the business’ certifications, awards, or other proof acknowledging your business as a reliable and trustworthy establishment.

Potential Franchisees Use the Internet to Research and Find Franchise Businesses That are Ideal for Their Location

A study conducted by Franchise Performance Group in 2016 has concluded that out of 5,892 documented franchisees, 43% of them made inquiries through the franchisor’s website. A website also makes it easier for the franchisee to check updates, FAQs, and other things they need to learn to operate the business successfully.

A Franchise Website Can Be the Source of Great Reviews From Customers or Clients

Displaying reviews can help potential franchisees learn more about the business from other perspectives. It gives them a broadened definition of how your franchise is a good investment, and it sets expectations for them once they acquire their own share. Reviews are also a way of inviting potential franchisees to contact you since they would have a vivid picture of what to expect and what to gain from franchising your business.

Competitors Usually Have One

What better way is there to penetrate the franchising business by following your competitors’ footsteps? It doesn’t necessarily mean you copy them, but having a website can prove that your business is on par with the contenders of the market share. Not only will it make your business more competitive, but it will also make it credible and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Be Discoverable in Search Engine Results

Franchisees can find the perfect franchise for them when they browse through the results of search engines, also known as SERPs. To be discoverable or be on top of the result pages, you need to have a search-optimized website when people type the words “franchise business” on the search bar.

What Makes a Great Website for Your Franchise Business?

The Franchise Website Should Be a Center for Learning

An effective way to attract potential franchisees is to create content on your website. That will help them learn everything they need to know before investing in your franchise business. You can create content by posting videos, blogs, articles, infographics, FAQs, tutorials, and other informative content that will invite them to build a connection with you.

Consistent Brand and Image

Brand awareness usually starts with how customers recognize your brand’s image. When building a website, you have to apply your brand’s logo and profile to the overall aesthetic and content. This way, you’d be able to promote your identity to potential clients.

High Domain Authority

Domain authority is a significant factor in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s the score that search engines associate your website with, and having a high domain authority gives you a better ranking on the search engine results. Domain Authority scores are calculated from the quality of the website’s content and the number of good links that will lead to your website.

Responsive Website Management Team

A great franchise website should have a responsive management team. Websites that take a week to respond to potential franchisees tend to discourage them. This can also negatively encourage them to look for other franchise businesses.

A website that responds quickly and effectively to inquiries has a higher chance of attracting other franchisees to collaborate with your business. It will also help build trust and rapport with your potential clients.

The online world is like a global mall. Once you’ve penetrated it, potential customers and clients will be able to find your business. It makes everything accessible to people, from product catalogs to services offered to job openings. Now that you have a complete understanding of how a website can help your franchise business, it’s time for you to create a good one!

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