Baskin-Robbins Announces Island Creamery, INC. As New Franchisee in Puerto Rico

Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, announced that Island Creamery, Inc. (ICI) has acquired more than 20 Baskin-Robbins shops in Puerto Rico, becoming the brand’s new sole franchisee on the island.

Under the agreement, Island Creamery, Inc. — owned and operated by Puerto Rico-based The Larrea Group, a company with nearly four decades of experience in the local restaurant industry — will transform and grow the brand on the island by remodeling existing shops and adding new locations in Puerto Rico over the coming years.

Island Creamery, Inc.’s acquisition of the Baskin-Robbins shops represents a new era of possibilities for the iconic ice cream brand that has been present in the lives of Puerto Rican consumers for more than 40 years. This agreement has also sustained the jobs of more than 180 team members that diligently operate the more than 20 shops.

In addition to developing new Baskin-Robbins restaurants in Puerto Rico, Island Creamery, Inc. will also remodel existing locations with the brand’s latest shop design, featuring bright and modern décor, comfortable seating, ice cream “super graphic” artwork, pink spoon door handles and digital menu displays to make it even easier for guests to choose and personalize their Baskin-Robbins order.

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