Bach to Rock Introduces New Technology

Bach to Roch Introduces Cutting-Edge Communication Technology for Students, Parents & Teachers

America’s Music School for students of all ages, is taking its transformative approach to music education to the next level in 2015 with the introduction of a proprietary digital communication system that  empowers students, parents and teachers.

The interactive tool supports Bach to Rock’s face-to-face music education methods with the ease and efficiency of touch-screen tablet technology. It brings the Bach to Rock curriculum to life in a way a parent can quickly understand, almost instantly showing them what their child has mastered — whether it’s recognizing a quarter note, reading notes on the treble clef or knowing what sharps and flats are in which key signatures. The parent can also see what musical skills and concepts their child has yet to conquer.

“A supplemental digital delivery system helps teachers better understand how their student learns and can help them personalize every lesson to give the student a well-balanced music education,” says Aaron Schmidt, Bach to Rock’s Director of Curriculum and Training. “This new proprietary technology, which will be rolled out at all Bach to Rock schools in 2015, is right in sync with our commitment to reinvent music on a national scale,”

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