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A personal coincidence brought Ken Jenson and Amada Senior Care together. After owning businesses for 25 years,Ken started looking at franchises in senior care. Rather than working for a care facility, he decided to own one.

“I had been rather disappointed in some of the opportunities I had looked into and a friend of mine told me about Amada in Southern California. So I gave thema call and got on the phone with one of the founders, Chad Fotheringham. The name sounded familiar so I asked if I Ken Jenson was speaking with Chad who had grown up in Santa Clarita. He said yes. It turnsout I had been Chad’s youth minister inthe 90’s – but we hadn’t seen each other in years. It was a crazy coincidence. So with that, I booked my trip to Southern California the next day.” Ken took that random connection as a sign, confirming his already positive view of Amada. Ken said that random high school

connection was a sign and it confirmed his already existent belief in Amada. Amada Senior Care is a California-based

senior care franchise that provides nonmedical home care and assisted living placement services. The company was founded in 2007 by college friends, Tafa Jefferson and Chad Fotheringham. Amada had its first franchise offering in 2012 and by June of the next year, there were over ten franchises throughout the US.

After his visit to California, Ken was sure he wanted to start an Amada franchise in Colorado Springs. Ken became Amada’s second franchise partner. To get started, a request for more information is made and then a Q and A

to confirm that Amada is the right choice. After a meeting with Chad and Tafa, a market is chosen and reviewed. A business plan is then put in place.

Ken then went to California for a training session. Amada Senior Care has an initial five-day training course at their corporate support center in Laguna Woods, California. An experienced Amada coach then spendstime directly in the chosen territory to start the business and recruitment.

“It’s been explosive ever since. We now care for over 100 seniors and we employ more than 110 caregivers. It’s been a

fabulous experience,” said Ken. There is constant on- going training available to all franchisees.

Both founders Chad and Tafa are very much involved and there is also a readily available support team. There is an annual meeting with all franchisees, local market meetings and monthly and annual conference calls.

When Ken graduated university, he became involved in the stock market. “I really liked it and I did really well,” recalls Ken. Then he was asked to join a lighting company. After investing sometime in that field, he used his experience to start his own lighting company with his brother.

He was coaching a little league game when he was approached and asked to talk to someone about doing the electrical for Fort Carlson. Although Ken’s background was in lighting, he figured he could try out

electrical and later took a contract. “I loved working with the Military. After about year they noticed I was the only

contractor on time and was asked to do the plumbing,” he said.

Ken’s background in a variety of fields has made him realize he mostly wants to help others. His experience with the

military was a catalyst for reviewing care franchises.

Amada has allowed him a more hands- on experience and he likes being directly involved.“On Christmas Eve a care giver called me. A client had a situation. I went down to the nursing facility and walked around with him for four hours. That’s who I am,” recalls Ken.

Although, he may volunteer his free time, Ken said this has been the best work-life balance he has experienced.

“I can schedule time to do whatever I need to do. I don’t miss things but I’m not afraid to work either.”

Ken believes success lies in hiring the proper people for the right job, and has a history of finding the right talent for the job at hand. “I had this method in Fort Carson. We said ‘from now on, if you can get all your work done in thirty hours, I will pay you for forty,” explained Ken. He said his crew stopped taking so many breaks, started working harder and created results.

“People were running to their trucks to grab things and running back, having less smokes, chatting less because they

got to go home and be with their families sooner.”

He hired people who would find happiness in their field and through that, a better work ethic. Amada Senior Care provides recruitment training and incentives and rewards to keep their employees satisfied and motivated.

Ken said results come from action. He is willing to be in the field, rather than remaining in the office. “I am willing to put in 12 to 14 hours a day, and today I did do ops all day but I don’t usually sit at a desk,” he explains.

“I know people who don’t have results because they sit and wait. You have to get out there.”

In March 2014 at Amada’s annual conference, Ken was bestowed the awardof “Top performance based on Time,” and he was inducted into Amada’s “Million Dollar Club”. He said that while there is a competitive environment amongst the franchisees, they are always willing to help each other. “Ken is exactly the kind of franchise partner we’re looking for at Amanda” said Marcos Moura, Amada’s Chief Development Officer, “as busy as he is with work and family, he always makes time to tutor our newer franchise partners.”

He said that is the benefit of franchising with Amada Senior Care, the ability to do both operations and sales. Ken advises prospective franchise partners to make sure they are passionate about helping seniors thrive before making the leap into senior care. “It is different than any other sales I have ever done because it is self Perpetuating and it comes from great, high referrals. So you have to be great with the client,” said Ken, stating that success comes from helping families explore all of their care options.

The company provides assistance in handling long-term care insurance claims and Veteran’s Aid and Attendance

Benefits. Amada Senior Care recognizes that every client has different needs and discusses different options for each client, while also looking at program and nontraditional payment options. The senior housing and assisted living services are free.

Amada recognizes a growing demand in senior care. There are 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day. By 2030,

seniors will make up 19 per cent of the American population. Baby boomers have contributed to this serge- seeking care for their parents and themselves.

The increase in age expectancy has also added to the demand of senior care because people are seeking assistant for

an increased amount of time. It’s obvious that this industry is never ending and continuously growing- it is guaranteed. When Ken is not making sales or helping clients, he can be found with his family. He has been married to his wife, Lynda, for over 35 years and together they have ten children. He has been coaching basketball for over 30 years.

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