Alta Mere Offers Protection From Sun With Custom Window Tinting

The warmer weather of spring and summer is now here, and with that, so too is rising temperatures in the inside of our cars.

Luckily there is an easy solution to protecting drivers and their vehicles from the heat and damage of the sun’s rays.

Alta Mere is a national franchise that offers high tech automotive accessories and driver safety products. One of Alta Mere’s signature services is customized automotive window tinting installation. The service is especially popular this time of year as people are mindful of the sun’s effects on their cars.

Window tinting benefits a car and its driver in many different ways. The protective film has been proven to greatly reduce the internal temperatures of vehicle, creating a cooler and more comfortable driving experience. Window film keeps drivers safe by reducing up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays that come from exposure to the sun. The service helps protect areas of a car such as leather seats and dashboards that receive the most exposure from the sun and suffer fading and cracking.

Professionals at Alta Mere can customize the degree of window tint to fit driver’s exact preference.

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