Alta Mere Helps Customers Beat the Heat

With the summer now upon us, many people enjoy the warmer weather and fun in the sun with outdoor activities and family vacations that are so popular this time of year. 

However, there are also some negatives to the dog days of summer, namely the intense heat and exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The summer is a great time to take steps to beat the heat and protect the interior of cars, homes and offices from the harmful UV rays. What is a good way to do that? Window tinting.

Alta Mere ‘The Automotive Outfitters’ is a national franchise that offers high tech automotive accessories and driver safety products. One of their most popular services is customized window tinting installation. They offer different tinting options and state-of-the-art computerized film cutting to fit the size and shape of any vehicle window.

The Alta Mere stores have a visual display in their showrooms that simulate how the degrees of tint would look from the inside of a car. They also have monitors which customers can view their car’s specific color, year, make and model and view how it would appear on the outside.

Here are some of the ways in which custom window tinting protects cars and their passengers:

    • Reduce the heat inside a vehicle – A car parked outside on a hot summer day can turn into a greenhouse on wheels, absorbing the sun’s rays and trapping the heat inside.  Studies have shown interior temperatures of a car can quickly rise and be at least 50 degrees higher than outside temps over several hours. Getting into a car that hot makes for a very uncomfortable ride. Window tint has been proven to block up to 99 percent of the sun’s rays and greatly reduce interior surface temperatures to keep you cool and comfortable.
    • Preserves interior components – Window tint reduces the sun’s UV rays that can fade and crack leather seats and dashboards. This protection keeps the interior of a car looking fresh for longer, reducing the costs to maintain it.
    • Protect passengers from harmful UV rays – While it is rare to get sunburned through car windows, cumulative exposure to those same UV rays can lead to premature wrinkles and even skin cancer. Window tint blocks these damaging rays and is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program.
    • Privacy and security – A professionally applied window tint deters thieves from targeting a vehicle for break-in. Belongings left inside the car are less visible and most thieves know that a vehicle with properly installed window tint makes it more difficult to break through the glass, preventing a quick getaway.

SmartView Window Solutions is the residential and commercial window tinting division of Alta Mere. They offer several categories and grades of window film that range in varying levels of tint and clarity based on the customer’s needs. SmartView professionals provide a free in-home design consultation and professional installation.

Residential and commercial buildings that directly face the sun and do not have trees or buildings that block light are particularly susceptible to the effects of the sun. There are several ways in which window film can be a great benefit to a home or office:

    • Reduce air conditioning costs – Direct sunlight into a home or office raises the temperature in the building, which in turn increases the air conditioning costs to counteract those uncomfortably warm temperatures. Window tinting can provide up to 83 percent heat rejection, keeping the environment cooler while slashing utility bills and saving money in the long run.
    • Prevents fading on furniture due to UV exposure – Similar to how window tinting guards against damage to a car’s interior, window film can block up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays reaching the inside of a building.  This prevents significant fading to carpet, furniture, walls and hardwood floors.
    • Prevents shattered glass – Window film also acts as a shatter guard which prevents shards of glass from shooting everywhere while making a broken window virtually impenetrable.  This option is used in heavy hurricane areas in which tree limbs hit windows as well as by businesses such as pawn shops to help prevent break-ins.
    • Reduces glare – Window film can reduce the amount of sunlight coming into family rooms and offices of a home, enabling residents to properly see their computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions during daytime hours.  It also cuts down on the glare reflected by the sun on mirrors and countertops.

While the summer is the best time to try to keep cars, homes and offices cool, the benefits of window tinting can be felt year round.  In addition to protection from UV rays, window film also reduces the glare of sunlight on drivers, giving them another feeling of safety on the road.  Tinting can also enhance the appearance of a vehicle, giving it a stylish look.

For these many reasons, franchise owners with Alta Mere and SmartView are meeting their customers’ needs for the safety and protection of their cars, homes and offices with professional winding tinting installation services.

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