Alpha Fit Club Opens Second New Jersey Location

Alpha Fit Club – a rapidly expanding premier group fitness concept that offers a complete circuit style training workout providing the ideal blend of strength training and cardio to maximize results – is continuing to expand its New Jersey presence. The new Verona location opened on March 20, and is located at 560 Bloomfield Ave. formerly Terry’s Drugs, a Verona landmark. This is the brand’s second location, the first is located in Westfield and opened in April of 2019. Alpha Fit Club’s strong model and unique workout design, has positioned the brand for further growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand has an additional location slated to open in Red Bank in June.

“We are thrilled to be opening in Verona,” stated Alpha Fit Club Managing Member and founder Sam Tooley. “Our concept provides members with access to a wide variety of effective and proven workouts to help people burn fat, build muscle, and cultivate strength both inside and out. To be able to expand into new communities is very fulfilling. We are looking forward to helping people of all fitness levels achieve their goals.”

Alpha Fit Club was founded in April of 2019 by a small group of fitness professionals seeking a better, smarter, and safer workout. These fitness experts came from a wide variety of backgrounds, encompassing yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and every discipline in between. Alpha Fit Club provides the ideal blend of strength training and cardio to maximize results. As fitness experts, they knew what worked and created Alpha Fit Club’s circuit of effective, results-driven workouts.

Alpha Fit Club’s workout is a one hour circuit with 6 stations, with two-four members spending just a few minutes at each station before rotating. While no one workout is the same, the programming structure is cyclical. Each week has a different fitness focus that is reflected throughout the gym – capacity, tenacity, intensity and remix – which is a combination of all the cycles. Each class is led by an elite coach with years of experience in the fitness industry, and a passion for helping others improve and become the best, strongest version of themselves.

“Alpha Fit Club provides a challenging workout, in an inclusive environment,” added Tooley. “Our members are referred to as ‘The Pack’ because we are a community that pushes every single member to be the best version of themselves. Whether you are joining us in the beginning of your fitness journey, or as an experienced fitness fanatic, Alpha Fit Club is the right fit for you, and we can’t wait to open our doors in Verona and welcome new members to ‘The Pack.’”

Throughout Covid-19, Alpha Fit Club has continued to provide members with access to at home workouts via ‘Project Alpha’, a digital fitness experience in partnership with the up and coming Ladder Teams app. The app features top tier trainers like Jennifer Jacob’s formerly of Peloton, New York Giant’s Super Bowl Champion Victor Cruz, and Alpha Fit Club’s very own Sam Tooley. New workouts are provided each week for members to follow along with at home. The app provides members with onscreen demonstrations of the workouts, encouragement from Sam, as well as a community and one-on-one chat where people can ask questions and support each other outside the walls of the gym in their fitness journey. 

“At Alpha Fit Club, it’s not about competing with anyone else in the class,” said Tooley. “It’s about improving yourself and striving to be better than you were yesterday. The Pack is here to help provide support and propel you forward to achieve more than what you ever thought was possible.” 

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