From Air National Guard to Raw Juices: Advice on What to Look For in Your Next Franchise

After ten tremendous years in the Air National Guard, I had the unique opportunity to jump right into the franchise industry. I joined my wife and her family in managing an already successful business portfolio of fast food burger restaurants in 2008. After effectively building and managing their existing franchise, I knew it was time for a new challenge and a fresh start to help shape my portfolio positively. It was then, with the support of my wife and two children, that we decided to start over, move to a new state and begin a new franchising adventure.

My family is my world and I wanted to make sure that the brand my wife and I chose to grow with, not only was the best business decision, but represented our family’s evolving values. After thoughtful consideration we chose Juice It Up!, a family brand, built on values, quality products and hard work.

After a lucrative career in the Air National Guard, when did you know that you wanted to join your wife in the franchising industry?

After spending over a decade in the Air National Guard, I gained much more than I anticipated, including invaluable experiences that taught me discipline, commitment and loyalty. When I had the pleasure of joining my wife’s existing family business, I realized that my military experiences could translate into franchising. It was also during this time I learned first-hand how to run a very successful organization, as well as develop a desire to own and operate my own business.

After I left the military, I wanted a career that allowed me to spend more time with my family and promote healthy living. Owning a franchise has allowed me to be a life and business partner with my wife, as well as provide for my family, and we’re ready to take on a new industry that resonates with the vibrant and active lifestyle we want for our family.

Why did you ultimately choose to franchise with Juice It Up!?

Once my wife and I made the decision to move on from our previous venture, it took us a while to put our finger on the right franchising opportunity for us, and also for our family. Truthfully, there are many incredible opportunities around the United States for people who want to be successful in the franchising industry. However, once we met the corporate team at Juice It Up! and learned more about the brand, and experienced their raw juice and hand-crafted smoothies for ourselves, we immediately knew this was not only an industry we wanted to franchise in, but a team we wanted to be a part of.

It was a smart business decision on our end to take advantage of the real estate team that Juice It Up! offers to its franchisees, and together we were able to determine the perfect market. Backed by the Juice It Up! team and their extensive market research, I was able to claim a territory that will be not just new and exciting to the brand, but it’s a new area where there’s a real need for a raw juice and smoothie concept within its community.

What really solidified our franchise selection was the opportunity to take advantage of the VetFran program, which offers a deep discount of 60% off the franchise fee. In addition, it gave us the tools and the ability to not only own one location, but allowed me and my family to build a portfolio by essentially giving us the opportunity to purchase three stores for the price of two. This unparalleled discount has made it possible to grow and build a prosperous family business for my wife and my children.

What advice would you give to Veterans who are looking to enter the franchising industry?

Find a true partner in an industry that excites you; your chances of succeeding are far greater with an industry you’re personally passionate about. I felt recognized as a true partner in the business, and have received a continuous line of support from the beginning of the journey throughout the life of the business.

The military teaches you how to plan, strategically and tactically, operate and implement a plan. Owning a business is very similar, except with a franchise, they give you the plan to succeed. You just have to execute. The great thing is, all of the skills and experience I learned from the military have translated into my franchise career. I’m hopeful to instill this same sense of team within my stores and with my employees, by making sure everyone I employ knows there’s a support system behind them, always.

After ten impactful years of service, Philip Palmer retired from the Air National Guard in 2008. Upon his retirement, he joined his wife and her family in the franchising industry, managing several fast food burger giants. This past year, Philip Palmer and his family started fresh in Orlando, by signing a franchise agreement for three Juice It Up! locations.

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