Acting-A-Part Offers Year-Round Education in Theatre, Film and TV

With an Acting-A-Part school you will direct your own theatrical performances, film, tv, and commercial production in your local community. Acting-A-Part is a school for theater, film, TV and commercial production, complete with studio and production capabilities.

Your students will get professional assistance to help them bridge the gap between School Play, the world of film, television and Broadway. Offering a year-round opportunity and outlet for their creativity through professional instruction, building up their confidence, stage presence, expanding their repertoire and developing each students potential.

We offer year round education with 6, 10 and 15 week classes based on age and specific themes plus a variety of summer camps in theater, film and TV. Your students will be introduced to a variety of classes in musical theater, specially designed “Little Actors” programs, film, TV, acting boot camps, we have a program to suit every performing arts need. We work with kids from age 4 to 16 and adults as well. From acting education in theater, film, TV and commercial production, students will learn their lines, blocking, sing their heart out, dance, write their own scripts, film on location and be part of a professional movie screening. They will learn the tools of their trade from the inside out. We also offer birthday and special events packages for all ages.

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