8 Best Blogs to Follow About Franchising

It’s no secret that the more you can read and research about franchise ownership and managing a franchise, the better. For most, this typically starts with a specific Google search and then reading a few articles on a topic that interests them.

While this is a great place to start, reading blogs is something that many hopeful franchisees are still missing. The best thing about reading blogs is the idea that you can come across topics and questions that you may never have thought to ask in the first place.

Blogs will oftentimes pull content from different publications, feature interviews and talk with a variety of experts, feature different writers to give you a new perspective, and include different media types like infographics and video into the blog. Blogs are a great place to discover something different as opposed to researching something specific.

Top 8 Franchise Blogs You Should be Reading
It’s worth mentioning that although blogs are great, they’re not all great. There are quite a few different blogs out there, which can get overwhelming, so you have to make sure you’re reading the right ones.

The biggest thing to remember is to always make sure the blog is publishing content frequently so you’re not reading outdated information.

Below lists the top 8 franchise blogs on the web today that won’t steer you wrong:

1. The Franchise King
This blog has been at it for a while and is primarily written be the self-proclaimed Franchise King himself, Joel Libava. He has extensive knowledge on franchise ownership and has written books and Ebooks on the subject. His blog is considered one of the most authoritative blogs in the industry because he publishes fresh content based on past experiences.

He really puts his own spin and his own opinions into his articles, so when you read this blog you’re not simply reading about the facts—you’re getting actual opinions from someone who’s been there before.

2. Franchise Chatter
Here you’ll find stories and analysis on current franchises. You can read about their stories and what they are doing right and wrong, so this is a good place to keep up with the franchise community and industry news. You’ll find interviews and other expert advice here, and this blog is probably one of the blogs that puts out the most content the most frequently, with something new every other day.

3. Expansion Experts
This blog doesn’t publish content quite as frequently as the others, but you will see a few posts per month on a variety of different topics. Those managing the blog and the company Expansion Experts have 20+ years of experience and bring this experience into their writing.

4. Franchising.com

This website is actually very similar to Franchising USA Magazine in the sense that it seems to have it all. It has an abundance of different categories to choose from—Franchise Law, News, Videos, Resources, Multi-Unit Franchisees Information, etc.—all with an easy to navigate layout. Whether you’re a franchise owner or just looking to learn more, this is one of the best. Publications with Franchise Blogs as a Subsection

5. Allbusiness.com Franchise Blog
This is a huge publication that covers everything from finance to staffing and HR to technology. In other words, franchise management is just one section of the website. Nonetheless, the Franchise Blog currently has over 900 related articles and is updated every few days with something new. What’s especially cool about this blog is that you have a lot of content filter options including filtering by type of content, by topic, by industry, and by date.

6. Entrepreneur Franchise Blog
Much like the AllBusiness blog, this particular site does not focus on only franchise topics. Nonetheless, Entrepreneur is considered one of the top websites out there, so their section on franchise topics is high quality. They have sections that will split up franchises into the fastest growing, low cost franchises, top new franchises, etc. to help you make an informed decision if you’re lookingfor an opportunity, along with different categories for you to search. Of course, all of this is followed by a set of articles of all different types and from all different voices.

7. Inc. Franchise Blog
The franchise section of Inc. really has the look and feel of a blog. In other words, the page is full of engaging photos and nothing but content. The headlines jump out at you and are creative the same way that a blog would be (as opposed to something more serious, like Entrepreneur), and the content varies from topics like deciding what type of franchise to own to thinking about legal issues.

And of course…

8. Franchising USA Magazine
I can’t let this article come to an end without mentioning Franchising USA Magazine. They have great content on here that works like a blog, so I highly recommend checking out other sections frequently to see what’s new in the industry. I find this website to be one of the most organized out there, so it’s easy to read. Adam Heitzman is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at HigherVisibility, a nationally recognized SEO firm that
offers a full range of Internet marketing services.

For more information visit: www.highervisibility.com

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