6 Tips to Streamline Your Dealership

There are various facets of running a car dealership business. You need to look after so many things, right from ensuring vehicle condition to marketing to after-sales service. This article will give several tips to help car dealerships streamline their business and operations better. The six tips mentioned in this article hold particular relevance for car dealers dealing in reconditioned vehicles and car dealerships’ sales activities.

There are several ways to streamline the sales processes in place at car dealerships. It is interesting to note that teaching insider tips and tricks to the sales team is in itself a multi-million-dollar industry. Suppose you are acquainted with the automobile industry to decent levels. In that case, you are likely to be aware that the industry is mostly unpredictable, especially in day to day business engagement.

Some days may find you to be pressed for time to even go to the bathroom. In contrast, other days will see you struggling to find prospective clients, and suddenly, you don’t know how to achieve your monthly targets. During these lean periods, you will do your business a world of good by analyzing your business approach and fixing things you might be lacking.

Some tips mentioned here will help you boost your profits and be more productive as far as the dealership car sales figures are concerned.

Then you also have dealerships that focus on buying vehicles at auctions or salvages titles. Usually, the car’s acquired by these dealerships undergo reconditioning before the dealership can sell them. This reconditioning process usually ranges from seven to ten days. However, it would be inaccurate to state that these figures are precise as the acquired car’s condition determines the reconditioning process period. But car dealerships dealing with such vehicles can streamline the entire process by following one or more of the tips mentioned below. Let’s get down to the actual tips without much further ado:

1.Consider Using Auctions Providing On-Site Reconditioning Services

Some car auction businesses provide on-site reconditioning options. These are particularly attractive to dealerships that don’t have on-site reconditioning facilities. They often come with California DMV aid services, which makes the entire process even more prompt. Choosing this option will speed inventory movement.

2.Specify The Workflow You Currently Follow To Recondition Your Vehicle

The top dealers that recondition vehicles before making them to a sale-ready condition usually have a workflow that completes the entire process with an average of approximately five days. Dealerships can only hasten up this process without compromising the quality of the reconditioned vehicle by assessing the current workflow and process. They need to determine the length of time it takes for one car to undergo the workflow. According to your analysis, you need to trim down the time taken by the process wherever possible and acceptable.

3.Analyze Critical Bottlenecks

If you are serious about understanding the critical bottlenecks of your dealership’s current reconditioning process. Specific software tools help in figuring out car reconditioning process bottlenecks. Talk with mechanics and other professionals who carry out the workflow. They are in the best position to have insights into the process. Accordingly, make it a point to seek their valuable input and opinion on the steps you can take to improve or shorten the process. You need to inquire into the availability of tools that streamline communication between employees and convey the status of the vehicle reconditioning process. Another answer you must be aware of concerns the persons responsible for the different parts of phases of the entire reconditioning process.

4.Encourage Discipline In The Dealership Culture

You must recognize that the operations of a car dealership are practically a team effort. Accordingly, your team needs to commit to cutting down vehicle reconditioning periods. Suppose the unit successfully achieves such a coordinated, motivated, and disciplined action. In that case, you stand to get far more notable results that will enhance your operational efficiency and overall profitability.

5.Increase Business Hours

Increasing the business hours is one neat little trick that can significantly increase potential customers’ footfalls. Convenience is one of the primary concerns of potential car buyers. Accordingly, if your business hours are minimal, it is quite likely that your sales figures are going to suffer. It is indeed harder for small dealers with limited workforce and financial resources to work for extended hours.

However, you can make up for the same by remaining open all through the seven days of the week. Another tip you want to follow is to use CRMs with mobile apps, which will let you stay in touch with clients irrespective of office hours.

6.Analyze And Assess The Prices You Offer

As with real estate agents, there is a need to compare market prices by car dealerships regularly. There are plenty of car comparison online services that make this process relatively painless and are an indispensable tool for both car dealerships and car buyers. You need to evaluate these prices and adjust the ones that you offer accordingly. In the online era, people are likely to consult such online resources, so overpriced cars will only drive customers. Keep that in mind.

You can gain significant achievements by putting in some solid effort. Your car dealership operations and sales teams are no exception to this rule. You and your team need to focus on proper communication and activity efficiency, which will boost the customer footfall in your car dealership. To end this article, it would be worthwhile to mention that car sales figures are more about a streamlined process and approach than marketing. Hope this helps!

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