3 Ways to Thrive After Facebook’s Decline in Reach

After developing invested time, money, and resources to enhance the customer base or attract new potential consumers to a Facebook fan page, the most asked question is what to do next?

However, there is no secret that Facebook has had a huge decline in its organic reach. For example, 16 percent of fans (on average) were seeing businesses’ organic posts in about 2012. That same reach today, has fallen precipitously to only two percent to six percent, due to the numerous changes in the Facebook algorithm.

Since August 2013, Facebook has released numerous changes to its “News Feed” algorithm which determines the content and posts displayed to users.

In a sales deck sent out to partners last year, Facebook cited, “we expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.”

Along with the rise of new channels, multiple competitors with a similar target market and an increase in shared content, a significant audience fragmentation took place.

Here are 3 quick ways to reach your fan base after Facebook’s decline in reach:

1) Develop a multi-network strategy

Have you ever heard of the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”  Well,  this is the perfect example to encourage businesses to embrace other channels in an effort to reach or engage with customers. Develop a presence on other channels such as Instagram, Twitter or Vine. But before signing up for random social channels,  identify the channels that are relevant to your brand’ s goals and objectives.  Consequently, use those channels to  expand the brand voice and presence.

2) Execute cross-network campaigns

The ideal way to interact with customers  and reach new consumers is by engaging  cross-network campaigns on various social  channels. An example of this is to use a  hashtag, which is the one common feature  across most social channels that can be used to run a fully trackable campaign.  Campaigns that encourage participation  from multiple networks see more entries, engagement and interaction. Therefore,  it makes it easy for an audience to  participate because they can engage with the brand in ways that they prefer. Execute your next campaign using a cross-network
strategy and watch the entries pile up.

 3) Email

Email is still the number one direct channel in terms of daily use and consumer preference for communication. Therefore, using it to its highest potential allows businesses to reach customers. To attract, retain, and grow a loyal customer base, use these 8 tips put together by campaigner:

1. Build a permission-based list

2. In exchange for contact information, offer customers something of value: a newsletter, a free meal, or more information about your products & services.

3. See what others are doing by taking a few minutes to sign up for email newsletters from competitors. Choose a few of your favorite hobbies or a topic of interest as well.

4. Before creating the correct message, develop a marketing strategy that addresses goals and objectives.

5. Use email marketing to accomplish what email does best: increase revenue, generate leads, strengthen customer relationships, increase website traffic, and build brand awareness.

6. Personalize the “From” portion of your email and be clear who the email is from.

7. People respond best to messages written by one particular person at a company who they can get to know over time, which is part of building relationships.

8. Keep the message personal and casual by thinking like a customer and writing in a conversational tone. People want to see a little humanity behind the corporate mask.

But remember, you could have the best message in the world; however, without the right audience it means nothing.

In conclusion, the drop-off in organic reach through Facebook continues to be a very touchy subject for businesses. In addition to the three tips listed above, continue to create relevant and intriguing content for Facebook in order to emerge organically in customer newsfeeds.

Andre Kay is CEO and chief marketing officer of Sociallybuzz, which exists to help franchise owners grow their business using social media. By helping them reach relevant customers, build customer loyalty, manage reputation and increase revenue. We protect relationship with their customer, create effective campaigns, manage their social channels and online reputation 24/7.

Read the company’s blog (http:// sociallybuzz.wordpress.com/), follow it on Twitter and “like” its Facebook page.

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