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Sunday 04 October 2015
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December 18, 2008 - ActionCOACH Chuck Kocher has added executive coaching to his business coaching qualifications and will continue to operate from his office in Colorado Springs in Colorado.

Coming from over two decades of corporate experience, Kocher feels that becoming an Executive Coach was a natural progression for him.

“I have 22 years of diverse corporate experience in an array of functional roles - manufacturing, distribution, product and marketing management, sales, business strategy and market development as well as running divisions and organizations,” he said. “I have worked as a leader of large organizations in building new markets.”

According to Kocher, having an Executive Coach is an extraordinary asset for success-minded individuals and organizations.

“Executive coaching is for executives and organizations that are committed to change with a desire to compete at the highest level in business – it is an essential competitive advantage,” he said.

Kocher believes that the essence and fundamentals of large and small corporations are quite similar.

“The challenges executives and their teams face are also similar to entrepreneurial enterprises, however they are on a much larger scale and in many cases impact thousands of employees,” he said. “Today’s executives face rapidly changing markets and economies, heightened global competition as well as technology-driven changes that are happening at a higher rate than ever before.”

Kocher believes that dealing with this changing corporate landscape requires new approaches to innovation, leadership, communication and teams.

“Executive coaching has become a great catalyst in enabling businesses to become more agile in this sea of change,” he said. “Ultimately it will be all about delivering massive quantifiable results.”

Kocher sees huge opportunities in the field of executive coaching in Colorado.

“Colorado has many large corporations and also has many division headquarters throughout the state,” he said. “The state also has a very healthy mid-market, with companies, which range from $10-200M. I believe that partnering with my fellow certified Executive Coaches and existing strategic alliances will present significant opportunities for executive coaching.”

Having been an ActionCOACH for many years, Kocher believes the company is in a unique leadership position.

“At ActionCOACH, we understand the behavioral and transformational aspects of coaching on a global scale. That gives us a distinct advantage,” he said. “We also understand and excel at accountability, which is critical in larger organizations.”

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching and executive coaching firm, with more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries. To learn more, go to actioncoach.com.

View Company Website: http://www.actioncoach.com

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