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Monday 31 August 2015
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November 11, 2008 - Johnnie's Dog House Franchising LLC, a new and upcoming retail food franchise which provides its customers "The Foods You Crave" in multiple business formats that compete locally and nationally, announced today that it has surpassed the benchmark of 25 franchises sold.

“Reaching this 1st benchmark was extremely important and a significant achievement for our brand. With each franchise partner we bring on and with each location that we open, we continue to refine and improve our operations. Our target is to open 15 franchised locations by the end of 2008, but our #1 priority still remains the same - our customer.” said Todd S. Chusid - Founder and CEO of Johnnie’s Dog House.

In this past year of franchising their brand, Johnnie’s Dog House appears to be one of the most promising franchises in the food industry. The franchise is quickly spreading across the country, now in ten states (Pennsylvania, Delaware, Colorado, Washington, California, Louisiana, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, and Connecticut). The Johnnie’s Dog House management team, with a combined experience of over 80 years, is determined to become one of the top franchises in 2009.

By offering a multi-unit development structure to their franchisees based upon pairing different venue options (Fast-Casual, Airports, Malls, Transportation Centers, College Campuses, Stadiums, Casinos, and Home Improvement Stores), it is easy to see why this up and coming food franchise is becoming extremely popular in the marketplace.

"Johnnie" is the brainchild of Todd Chusid, Founder and CEO of the Johnnie's Dog House Franchise. Johnnie is a fictitious little boy from the 1940's whose sole purpose in life was to create an establishment for his friends with tastes from their hometown or the experience of hot dogs from parts of the world that they may have never traveled.

About Johnnie's Dog House® Franchising, LLC

The Johnnie's Dog House franchise offers multiple business formats that compete in the booming fast-casual restaurant business, both locally and nationally. The Fast-Casual Restaurant is a natural fit for Residential Business Districts, Town and Lifestyle Centers, Beach and Shore Communities, and College Campuses. This business format offers franchisees multiple channels of revenue which include dine-in/carry-out, catering, and special events at each of their locations. The Express Solution offers the style and selection of the Johnnie's Dog House brand on a smaller scale while capable of satisfying large crowds anywhere. The Express Solution is well suited to locations such as Airports, Malls, Transportation Centers, Casinos, and Home Improvement Stores.

View Company Website: http://www.johnniesdoghouse.com

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