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Sunday 04 October 2015
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May 8, 2008 -
Joey’s launches million-dollar radio campaign to position brand as number one

Calgary, Alberta -- Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurants is making a big splash on Canadian airwaves this spring with a fresh new tag line ‘We’ve set a place for you at Joey’s’ and with its first-ever nation-wide radio campaign set to launch May 19. “We are the largest Canadian seafood restaurant chain in Canada, and we want Canadians to know that fact,” says Kathy Campitelli, VP Marketing for Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd. “We want to inform and educate Canadians about our family-based restaurants, our great value for the dollar, our delicious seafood, our friendly neighbourhood atmosphere, and our large variety of menu items.”

Campitelli explained that recent consumer research revealed that Canadians don’t realize that Joey’s has over 85 restaurants from BC to Ontario or that it serves more than 6.5 million guests annually.

“We chose radio to increase awareness because radio has the ability to reach customers at times when they’re making dining decisions, such as in the car after a busy workday,” says Campitelli. This also marks the first time that Joey’s has made a national buy on behalf of its franchisees. Previous radio campaigns were the responsibility of each franchisee.

The nostalgic spots created by Calgary-based TAG are aimed at men and women in the 45-64 age bracket. “We created a character called ‘Joey’,” says Campitelli. “Joey embodies the seafood chain’s key values and combines a wry sense of humour with an old-fashioned down to earth approach of just talking with the customer as though they were having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.”

In the radio ads, “Joey” answers mail from Joey’s customers and tells stories of his own adventures in the process. He finds himself in a lively assortment of situations, such as on a fishing boat, at the beach and in various restaurant locations. All ad spots conclude with the restaurants new tagline, “We’ve set a place for you at Joey’s.”

The radio campaign is being supported at the local store level by various point-of-purchase marketing materials, including tabletop feature sheets that highlight the franchise’s key values and history.

About Joey's

Calgary-based Joey's Only is a pioneer and leader in the fast casual seafood restaurant category in Canada. Its signature "Joey's Famous Fish and Chips" has gained the company a North American reputation for preparing generous portions of high quality seafood at affordable prices. Each Joey's franchise embodies the vision of its founder Joe Klassen — to serve great seafood in a cozy neighbourhood seafood restaurant. Annually, Joey's serves more than 6.5 million guests system wide through its 85+ restaurants in Canada. Joey's has been cooking in trans fat free oil at all of its Canadian restaurants since 2005.www.joeys.ca


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Andy Taylor, Senior Vice-President, Joey’s (403) 243-4584 andy@joeys.ca

Ms. Kathy Campitelli, VP Marketing, Joey's (403) 243-4584 kathy@joeys.ca

Mr. Neil Bousquet, PR Wizard, Joey's Only (403) 256-8834 neil.bousquet@prwizard.ca

View Company Website: http://www.joeysonly.ca

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Neil Bousquet
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