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AZ Franchising was founded in 1999 and it represents the first system in Italy completely devoted to the development and the knowledge of the franchising culture. Our mission consists in the support of the active development of the affiliated networks thanks to a large selection of services and products that we offer to the franchisor, which are not limited to the publishing sector(on-line and off-line) but include also education and consultancy activities. This format is able to the client solutions at 360° with a measurable and tangible quality and result. It is also possible to find the portal www.azfranchising.it in the first positions on the search engines writing the word “franchising” and the related keywords.
During its experience of more than a decade, AZ has been part of the success and of the development of more than 500 enterprises, both from Italy and from abroad and it has created a network with more than 50 international prestigious partnerships. Starting from 2011, with the signature of the contract with Romany- Moldavia, AZ launches a project of internationalization aimed at exporting a brand of success devoted to the affiliation world, awarded among the Business Superbrands in the two-year period 2008/2009.
AZ Franchising is addressed to entrepreneurs, managers, investors, consultants, employees, young new graduated people and students, which by the AZ system, have means to become entrepreneurs with less risk: Seriousness and Passion are fundamental elements for a choice that can change your life.
As it represents a constant developing sector, AZ Franchising has worked on the knowledge and it is acquired means to be in favor of the interactive marketing and the strong presence in the national and international franchising world.

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