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New Franchisees with WOW 1 DAY PAINTING can take comfort in the fact that the franchise is backed by people who have already managed to start and grow a major north American franchise network.

Harry Ehrlich, who co-owns a WOW 1 DAY Franchise with business partner Jay Gallant, was inspired to try out the franchise after seeing a clip of CEO and Founder Brian Scudamore talking about the business on CNBC. Scudamore, also founded the now-ubiquitous 1-800-GotJunk? franchise.

The WOW concept had Ehrlich hooked and Scudamore’s reputation for already having managed a successful franchising network appealed to Ehrlich, who called Gallant to get him on board. Together, They purchased the franchise in November 2013 and went live with it on April 1, 2014. Their territory covers Westchester County in New York and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

Basically, what WOW 1 DAY PAINTING does is speed up the painting process for Franchising USA Franchising USA customers, Ehrlich explained. Rather than sending two painters to do a job that might take them several days, WOW sends 10 painters and gets the job done in a single day. Not every job takes a single day, the franchisee cautioned, but the company will still get a painting job done much quicker than a traditional painting company, regardless of the size of the job.

Not Painters

Neither Ehrlich nor Gallant possessed any experience with painting or franchising, the two said during a conference call recently from their headquarters in New York State. But, they were both at points in their lives where they wanted out of the infamous rat race. Ehrlich’s working background is in the finance area, particularly with mutual and hedge funds, something he’s been doing for 35 years. Gallant has also been involved in the finance sector for 35 years, most recently in sales and marketing. But they both wanted out. “I think the entrepreneurial spirit’s in both of us,” Gallant said. “The idea makes sense and the timing makes sense in our lives. It sounded like something that would be fun to take a run at and be successful at with our backgrounds.”

Ehrlich had been working in New York City, commuting by train every day. The stressful and demanding environment of Wall Street meant that he had stopped enjoying the work as much as he used to and he decided he wanted a different lifestyle.

Initially when he pitched the idea to Gallant, who was also looking for a different lifestyle, it started out as merely a good idea, but it took a while for it to go from ‘good idea’ to ‘we’re going to do this.’

But, once Gallant had participated in a conference call with the WOW people, he knew it would be the right move.


Once the agreement was signed with WOW, things progressed rapidly. The pair went to Vancouver for a week, where WOW 1 DAY PAINTING is headquartered, to attend a crash course in the WOW business model. “They got us up and running very fast,” Gallant said.

WOW also had people from Vancouver fly out to New York and help them develop the operational structure of the business and provide more training in how to use WOW’s internet-based tool for setting up appointments and making quotations. WOW representatives trained them how to estimate paint jobs and helped them interview painters.

As for ongoing training, the two have a monthly conference call with WOW and they also have access to the company’s franchisee’s forum, where they can talk with other franchisees about business matters. They can also call the head office in Vancouver at any time if they have to. Part of the reason WOW was able to get the two up and running so fast is because there is virtually no paper involved in the business. From quotations to invoices, it’s all done electronically. While they will likely need an office eventually, the business is currently run out of their homes.

“Everything is internet based,” Ehrlich said. While they don’t have an office, Ehrlich and Gallant do have a WOW-branded van that is completely wrapped with the company’s signature advertising, which is great for marketing.

“We’ve had people stop us simply because of the van and ask us for our business cards,” Ehrlich said. Their staff of painters, which fluctuates throughout the year, uses the van for transportation to jobs, but if the crew is large, some painters will also use their own vans. busy backgrounds.”


Because the franchise is in its startup phase and because the reception from the public has been so positive, the new franchisees have been exceptionally busy.

In fact, the response from the public has been so good, Gallant said, they were frankly caught off guard by the demand. “In August, we’re probably going to hit three times our projections and I thought we were being a little aggressive with our projections,” Gallant explained.

But, he noted, it took a lot of effort to get the business to that point, which he would tell anyone interested in getting involved with WOW. The concept is fantastic, but it doesn’t sell itself. It requires a lot of effort to get the name out there locally. But, as Ehrlich noted, the success of the franchise founders means that even new franchisees have a superb support system in place to help them reach their potential.

“Even though we are a startup, our support organization is mature and stable and that offers a great deal of positive incentive when starting your own business,” Ehrlich said.

For anyone looking to start a franchise, having people who know what they’re doing in charge is a natural boon to confidence.

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Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of America’s next $100 million brand. By leveraging the success of their sister company 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING is revolutionizing the home improvement space, bringing innovation and professionalism to an age old industry.

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