Win Home Inspection Leads the Home Services Industry

“I’ve heard from many WIN franchise owners that the right opportunity for an entrepreneur can transform life,” says Praful Mittal, CEO of WIN Home Inspection, the fastest growing franchise in the multibillion-dollar home inspection industry.

“Virtually all WIN franchise owners had no prior experience in home inspection. However, our rigorous training, continuing education, technology and marketing support provide entrepreneurs a launchpad for a quick start to build a thriving business.”

“WIN grew rapidly even during the pandemic,” added Will Rosler, Director of Operations. “We train and certify our franchise owners in a number of services in addition to home inspection, which makes them a rare one-stop solution in their community while increasing earnings from each inspection.”

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Praful Mittal in which he shares his insights about entrepreneurship and building a successful home inspection business.

Franchising USA: Why should someone choose the home inspection industry to start their own business?

Praful Mittal: Home inspection is an essential industry that is critical to our economy. A home inspection is an examination of the visible components of a home including structure, foundation, roof, HVAC, electrical and plumbing. Most home inspections are performed for buyers and sellers of homes, making this an ideal career choice for entrepreneurs looking to serve their communities while building a thriving business.

There are over 125 million households in the US, and nearly 7 million existing and newly constructed homes are bought and sold every year. The necessity and sheer size of the home inspection industry makes it recession resistant. Moreover, there is no financial stress of inventory, office space or storefront. Conducting a home inspection is not as physically demanding as many other trades. Lastly, home inspection is fantastic for entrepreneurs who want growth, freedom and flexibility while helping others.

“Home Inspection industry combines two things I am passionate about, homes and customer service. There is very little overhead, so I can focus on working with clients instead of inventory.” – Mat Cyr, WIN Franchise Owner

Franchising USA: You mentioned that WIN Home Inspection has been experiencing significant growth. What are the factors behind WIN’s success?

PM: There are several reasons behind WIN’s explosive growth. It starts with a culture of selfless service, integrity and transparency. Our exceptional support attracts savvy entrepreneurs who are interested in the independence that comes with owning your business without the headaches of having to build everything. We have an outstanding training program with a relentless focus on ongoing personal and professional development of our franchise owners. And when it comes to launching a new WIN business, our detail-oriented approach provides a strong foundation for lasting success.

“The WIN Way has backed it up in the way they’ve trained us and implemented their business plan in the local areas. I’ve found it’s really the best way to serve our local community.” – Tripp Graziano, WIN Franchise Owner

Franchising USA: What is the typical profile of those who join WIN as franchise owners?

PM: Our franchise owners come from all walks of life. They are veterans and first responders. Others have backgrounds in sales, corporate roles, real estate, construction, engineering, skilled trades, and a variety of other industries.

However, they all share several attributes. They are looking for freedom and flexibility that comes with owning a business. They are interested in personal and professional fulfillment in an industry that requires very little capital to get started. They have no prior experience in conducting home inspections. They want to partner with a credible brand like WIN because of our exceptional support for training, marketing, operations and technology. Another trait our franchise owners share is that they enjoy meeting and helping others, while building a thriving business and legacy, often with the involvement of family members

“After researching, I loved the integrity of the company and what WIN stands for. My husband and I had been looking to buy a franchise, and this opportunity was perfect for us.” – Erica Miller, WIN Franchise Owner

Franchising USA: Does WIN have any special program for veterans and first responders?

PM: Nearly one-third of all WIN franchise owners are veterans and first responders. They represent the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, as well as Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMT. Their discipline, leadership skills and teamwork help them build rewarding businesses with WIN. Through our WIN for America program, we offer significant support to our veterans and first responders, including a 25% discount off the initial franchise fee. This is our way of thanking those who serve and protect.

“The WIN for America program is a fantastic opportunity for veterans. WIN has a process and a system in place that people can really just run with.” – Jessica Price, WIN Franchise Owner

Franchising USA: What support do you provide to your franchise owners?

PM: We offer comprehensive support to help our franchise owners in their goals for growth, flexibility and independence with business ownership. Our rigorous and ongoing training helps our franchise owners develop deep expertise in home inspection and ancillary services.

Second, our franchise owners get access to highly customizable digital and print marketing to stand out and grow their local brand. From custom videos and email campaigns, to social media, to original and authentic print materials, WIN Home Inspection is leading the way in the home inspection industry. Third, our compliance program is adapted to account for various state laws and regulations. Lastly, we offer virtually an end-to-end technology infrastructure to support daily operations.

“At WIN, we continue to invest heavily to help our franchise owners learn new skills, gain certifications and provide exceptional service.” -Shubha Gangal, VP Training and Development

Franchising USA: How has the pandemic affected WIN Home Inspection?

PM: At WIN, we are not only a part of the evergreen and essential home inspection industry, we are also one of the largest and the fastest growing in the industry. While many franchisors have been at a crossroads due to the pandemic, WIN grew significantly. According to research, there is an expectation for increased activity in home buying as people are realizing the importance of dwellings compared to office space.

We have been leading the way with digital marketing well before the pandemic, and our expertise helped our franchise owners grow even during the pandemic.

Franchising USA: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs looking at WIN or franchising in general?

PM: Start with an industry you can see yourself in for the next 10-20 years. Is the industry stable and growing? Know the estimated cost of starting your business and make sure you can afford the investment. Speak with franchisors, do your research, and follow your instincts. Make sure you understand how saturated the franchise is and whether they have an attractive territory for you. Is the franchisor taking a real interest in patiently and authentically answering your questions?

“We looked at several home inspection franchises and had a good feeling that WIN was better than any other. After we got a peek behind the curtain, our feelings were confirmed.” – Jeff Starr, WIN Franchise Owner

It’s also important to understand the support for training, marketing and operations. Be wary of joining a franchise that offers little to no specifics on how they will help you succeed. If something does not add up, it probably won’t. You should find the right fit for you and your objectives.

WIN Home Inspection is the fastest growing and one of the largest franchisors in the multibillion-dollar and essential home inspection industry. We help our franchise owners build thriving businesses with exceptional support for training, marketing, and operations. We have a national presence, and territories available in all 50 states. Please visit or click here to learn more.

The information herein does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document. Moreover, we will not offer or sell franchises until we have delivered a valid franchise disclosure document to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law. © WIN Home Inspection is a registered trademark of World Inspection Network International LLC and franchisor of home inspector services. All rights reserved.

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