Why Military Veterans Should Consider Franchise Ownership

Veterans are special people. They have spent, in many cases, years of their lives putting the needs of our country before their own, deploying to hot spots all over the world to protect our nation. Many vets have been away from their families and loved ones for months, and even years at a time, sacrificing their time and lives for society’s greater good.

Veterans deserve our gratitude and respect, and in the business world – our help. Companies should recognize what great assets veterans can be to the growth and success of their organizations. The skills, values and experiences gained during military service such as leadership, dedication and ability to follow protocol translate well to the business world, especially the franchising industry.

At Pinch A Penny Pool Patio and Spa, we have long since discovered the incredible benefits of partnering with veterans. As the world’s largest retail pool, patio and spa franchise, we currently have multiple military veterans who either work in our corporate office or own and operate thriving retail and service stores across the Southeastern region of the United States. Our founder, Fred Thomas, served in the Marine Corps and as part of our commitment to veterans and members of the military, Pinch A Penny has donated millions of dollars to charities focused on supporting our veterans and their families.

Easing back into civilian life after serving in the military and determining the right career path can be a difficult experience for many veterans. If you are a veteran seeking to start a business, franchising offers a solid business model as compared to the difficulties of starting one from scratch. It also provides the framework and endless support to help franchisees succeed. Combining a military work ethic coupled with a strong franchise network can prove to be quite the symbiotic relationship.

Veterans also learn a broad skill set in the military, many times becoming a jack-of-all-trades to accomplish a mission. They must learn and adapt quickly. Owning a business requires a similar mindset, especially when success is directly dependent on the entrepreneur’s drive and will to succeed. All of these important skills are easily applied to franchise ownership. As part of a proven concept, one of the greatest benefits of partnering with a franchise – for veterans, and any entrepreneurs for that matter – is being in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Military veterans are accustomed to strong cultures and develop a strong sense of pride, not wanting to let the organization or their peers down. This esprit de corps is essential to any corporate organization and one of the most difficult to create. We believe that the dedication and enthusiasm of our veteran franchisees have greatly enhanced Pinch A Penny’s franchise culture. That being said, veterans need to do their due diligence when seeking a franchise opportunity that aligns with their skills, core beliefs and values. Franchising is a great path to successful, independent business ownership – one many veterans should consider pursuing.

By Casey Terrell, former Armor Officer in the US Army and Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Pinch A Penny Pool Patio and Spa


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