What Makes a Veteran a Veteran?

What makes a Veteran a Veteran? Well, we’re just regular Americans who have decided to serve our country. As for the reasons why, there are a multitude; patriotism, adventure, excitement, travel, school, money, the list could go on and on. We aren’t any different from the person next door and most of the time, we don’t even realize we did anything worth acknowledging. It’s just our duty. And our duty continues once we leave the service, as we have our future and the future of our family to think about. We go through extensive training in the military and learn skills that can be directly applied to just about any industry. I chose to become an entrepreneur after my time in service.

As a business owner, I often come across employee candidates with military experience and typically find myself inclined to put them on the top of my short list. Not for preferential treatment, but because I know the invaluable skills the military teaches you, such as the importance of discipline, how to become a leader, the significance of work ethic and paying attention to the details. All of these important techniques reside in any military veteran’s arsenal and can be readily applied to any business concept given the opportunity.

The military taught me the necessary skills I needed to help make my dreams become a reality and I always try to be an influence to others seeking a career path after their service. Once mine came to a close, I came across ownership opportunities with Tropical Smoothie Cafe, which at the time offered something to veterans that I had never seen done before. The company’s VetFran program offered 50 percent off of its franchise fees to military veterans. For me, that extra savings incentive was all I needed to move forward in pursuing my new career as a business owner.

 I’ve seen through firsthand experience the effectiveness of the franchise model and what a great business path it can be for military veterans. Most proven franchise systems for that matter provide its franchisees with an established working model that is a recipe for success if executed properly. This type of business model is the perfect fit for any veteran looking to chase their entrepreneurial dream with the support of a strong corporate team. In the military, you are trained everyday on how to follow standard operating procedures, improvise and make quick decisions.

As a military veteran, I am very fortunate to have found a franchise that not only offered the VetFran discount, but also had a training program that provided a path to success. I would recommend to any fellow veteran looking for a new career path to explore franchising, do the research and find an option that best fits them. The franchising industry offers unique opportunities to be your own boss while simultaneously having the sense of security that comes with buying into a proven business model with support systems in place.

Kaleb Warnock is a former Master of Arms in the U.S. Navy and Tropical Smoothie Cafe Multi-Unit Franchisee.


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