Veteran Couple Continue to Serve With Interim Healthcare

Jason Bracer joined the U.S. Air Force in 1994. After aptitude and job placement testing indicated a strong propensity for managing disasters as well as a strong instinct for helping others, he was assigned to work in the fire department.
Little did he know that career trajectory would be the best thing that ever happened to him and having this skill set would take him all over the world. “That training put me in a direction “Something goes wrong – you name it – and people call 911. And we have to figure it out. It made me grow as a person.” Veterans in Franchising Veteran Couple Continue to Serve with Interim HealthCare and path of serving the public and responding to peoples’ needs,” Jason said. “Something goes wrong – you name it – and people call 911. And we have to figure it out. It made me grow as a person.” Since leaving military service in 1998, Jason has worked all over the world as a firefighter / fire captain in civilian fire departments. He’s served as a firefighter in places like Kosovo, Bosnia, Hungary, Kuwait, Iraq (Baghdad-Green Zone) and Kyrgyzstan. And all the locations, except Iraq since it was a combat zone, he’s had the good fortune to have his wife working alongside him. Throughout their 13 year marriage, they have shared the priority of making a difference in peoples’ lives and helping those less fortunate.
Their multiple deployments with the Department of Defense at military installations across the globe, with Jason as a firefighter and Maribel as the office manager for base operations, has uniquely prepared them for the next step in their life journey.
The two recently purchased an Interim HealthCare franchise and this spring began providing in-home personal care and support services to patients in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area. “We wanted to continue doing the same line of work and keep serving the public,” Jason said. “With my expertise in mitigating and managing emergencies and
managing emergency teams in just about any situation, it was natural to move into home medical care.” Jason said that about 80% of calls that come into 911 are for medical emergencies. And of those 80%, a very high number require responding to seniors living in their own homes or in assisted living facilities.
“I’m in my element,” he said. “The difference now with Interim HealthCare is that when I go to do an assessment, it’s more of a relaxed home environment instead of an emergency situation.” Maribel, a veteran of the Army Reserves herself, brings vast experience in office administration stateside as well as from overseas. Together, the team hopes to grow their new franchise to make a bigger positive impact on their community.
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