Using Signage to Market Your Company in a Post-COVID Climate

As life begins to normalize, consumers are beginning to make their way back into retail and restaurant businesses with regularity.

COVID-19 guidelines are becoming less restrictive and individuals are slowly starting to return to in-person interactions. With a return to the norm, it will be important for companies to begin

marketing themselves to customers through various avenues. Owners need to reassure their consumer base that they are open and ready to provide the services and products that are needed. While marketing is paramount, the strategies used for reaching customers will be different in a less-restrictive pandemic world. Some individuals will opt to wear a mask in public spaces while others will choose to conduct transactions without masks. For a company to be successful, it will be important for owners to reach both consumer bases.

Be Open with Your COVID Policy

When I look at the most effective businesses today, they have leveraged the mask mandate but also complied with the most up-to-date CDC guidelines. The guidelines include allowing those

who have been vaccinated to enter their establishment without wearing a mask. Those who remain unvaccinated typically have to continue abiding by the mask mandate. It is important to effectively communicate that policy using signs and graphics. When a customer knows your policy and understands that you are taking expert advice all the proper precautions, it will decrease

some of the anxiety about sharing the public space.

It remains important for owners to be consistently updating all signage to reflect their organization’s messaging. Upon entering your establishment, let the customers know what your policy is using signage. Continue using floor graphics to show spacing. The more you prove that health is important, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated consumers will find your establishment safe.

Companies that completely remove all assets explaining their company policy create confusion among their customer base. This can create more anxiety among those sharing the public space and make them reluctant to enter the establishment. I recommend companies continue displaying the most recent policies inside their stores.

Exterior and Interior Signage

Signage is one of the most important ways to communicate the status of your business as well as a proper method to enhance brand awareness. Not every company has prime real estate to make their brick-andmortar locations easily noticeable. Signs can make it easier for consumers to find your establishment. A-frame and sidewalk signs that provide directions to your location are simple yet impactful methods to increase awareness. Once the customer has made it to your building, create an experience customers won’t forget by utilizing branded marketing materials. Inside the business, continue using these items to reinforce your COVID policy and guidelines to ensure customers feel safe. This is also an opportunity to feature your products and services. Flyers, ceiling danglers and counter displays provide a great opportunity to reach customers and promote your company. Branded materials give owners the chance to explain how

they conduct business as well. If your company offers the use of Google or Apple Pay, display assets that explain that to the consumer. These methods are an all-in-one opportunity that allows you to get your message to its target market.

Market Your Company Through Communication

When it comes to marketing your company in a less restrictive COVID world, it’s important to over-communicate with the consumer. With CDC guidelines changing regularly, staying in touch with your customer base through marketing is paramount. Using signs to help communicate that your business is open and is ready to help. From a marketing standpoint, signs can

help deliver the messages that you want to emphasize. Using these assets makes it easier for the customer to understand how you operate as an organization – whether it’s through wayfinding graphics or counter displays.

President and COO Ryan Farris has spent over 20 years in print, marketing and marketing technology. Ryan has been a leader in public companies, private companies and several of his own companies including one in the print and fulfillment space. Ryan grew up in Texas and currently resides in Colorado with his wife of 20 years and his three children.

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