Staffing Franchise Seeks Entrepreneurs With a Cup Full of the Right Attitude

As leaders in the staffing industry, Remedy Intelligent Staffing and Westaff are on a mission to expand nationally, and they are looking for the right franchisees to support their ambitious growth strategy.

Both brands are currently looking to recruit new franchisees to embrace an active role in the cities and towns they plan on expanding into, President Steve Mills explained during a recent interview from corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

“We are truly national, with franchises currently operating in 28 states, and our plan is to continue to expand aggressively,” said Mills. “Our expansion focus is a controlled growth model focused on quality and support, where our new franchise owners are building businesses not buying a job.”

Remedy Intelligent Staffing and Westaff provide employment solutions to a wide variety of companies, including manufacturing, industrial, clerical, accounting, technical and professional services. With a team of experts in human resources, technology, risk management, and labor and employment law, both businesses work to ensure that they deliver on their commitment to consistently provide dependable and flexible employees to meet their clients’ needs.

How it all began

A history of mergers brought the two brands together under the umbrella of EmployBridge.

Remedy Intelligent Staffing was founded in 1965 by Robert E. McDonough. Westaff was founded in 1948 by Robert Stover. Both companies were acquired by the Select Family of Staffing Companies which in 2014 merged with EmployBridge to form one of the largest industrial staffing firms in the United States.

The parent company of Remedy and Westaff, EmployBridge Holding Company with regional headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, operates more than 490 offices nationwide and is one of the fastest growing national providers of staffing and workforce solutions. 

With annual sales over $3.2 billion, EmployBridge will employ over 460,000 employees in 2016, on assignment at more than 20,000 companies throughout the United States.

“Last week alone we employed just over 100,000 temporary workers,” Mills stated.

National back up and support

Remedy and Westaff are supported by EmployBridge in areas of funding for accounts receivable, as well as support for back-office functions. This back up and support is key to the success of their franchise model, since the franchise offices are left free to focus on their local markets and on what really matters: building relationships with their clients. This is a competitive advantage that also carries benefits for their clients.

“Our success comes down to how the business is run at the local level,” said Mills. “Clients can buy from the locally owned business that understands the local market, but at the same time has the stability and reliability of national back up and support. Our goal is to allow our franchise markets leverage a local business relationship with the support of a national organization.”

Going the extra mile

EmployBridge’s experience and technology allows them to bring the highest levels of efficiency and productivity to the services they deliver to their franchise offices.

It’s this kind of commitment to extra-mile service that has ranked EmployBridge as one of the largest staffing firms in both the US by Staffing Industry Analyst. They have also been awarded Best of Staffing for both Talent and Client Satisfaction for the 4th year running.

Franchisee training and support

EmployBridge also goes the extra mile to support its franchisees and provides access to a comprehensive franchisee training and support program that combines both theoretical and practical learning.

Training starts with a variety of web-based and conference call training with other new franchisees to prepare them for the 2 week on-site New Franchise Training Course that takes place at the Learning Center in Atlanta. It is an intensive program that guides new franchisees through all aspects of the applicant process, operations and client sales.

There is also a mentoring program in place, where new franchisees receive in-person training at an existing franchisee’s office so they can see first-hand what is involved in running the business.

Once their business is up and running, franchisees are visited by their mentor for in-person training and support at their location. They also have ongoing, 24/7 access to a robust online Learning Center.

The company is committed to supporting its franchisees and provides training at the franchisee’s pace to ensure they are prepared to run their business successfully.

“The initial training takes as long or as short as you need it,” said Mills. “We run at your speed.”

A cup full of the right attitude

While there is a comprehensive training and support program in place to help franchisees get their businesses up and running, it’s the right attitude that is the real key to success in this industry.

“It all comes down to attitude,” Mills explained. “This is a sales business, so we look for a ‘cup half full’ mentality and a ‘can do’ attitude.”

He went on to identify the 3 key qualities needed to succeed in the Remedy and Westaff franchise systems:

  1. A people oriented personality that is comfortable interacting with others and face-to-face.
  2. A high level of ambition and track record of success. This does not necessarily mean having the perfect resume, Mills explained, but franchisees that are driven to succeed and have already achieved some level of professional success are part of their ideal franchisee profile.
  3. The ability and desire to follow a structured process.

While Remedy and Westaff have a tight, robust system in place that franchisees are required to follow, particularly in the areas of compliance with employment and payroll law, there is flexibility in areas of marketing and client management.

“We have a proven system that works,” said Mills. “We provide you the fundamentals, then teach you to run that system our way.You apply your entrepreneurial flair to market your business and interact with the client and associates.”

The right background

While the right attitude lays the foundation for success in the Remedy and Westaff system, experience in the following areas is also a key asset for franchisees:

  • Sales management with experience running sales teams.
  • Professional services in areas related to finance, accounting, legal or business administration
  • Individuals with previous Staffing industry experience also have an advantage.

While experience is an asset to prospective franchisees, it’s the right attitude and a willingness to be a great partner that can make or break a franchisee’s chances of success and can be just as valuable as the right business experience.

Locations and territories

Territories across the United States are available for franchise opportunities under the Remedy Intelligent Staffing or Westaff brand name. 

“Our plan is to continue to expand aggressively,” said Mills. “There are over 200 markets that we’d like to fill and I would expect to add at least 100 new franchisees over the next 5 years. Some of our primary target markets include Nevada (specifically, Clark County – Las Vegas), Idaho, South Dakota, West Texas, Western Pennsylvania, many Mid-Western markets & Southern States.”

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Article written by: Diana Cikes, Franchising USA

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