Spreading Love and Health Throughout Africa

The youngest (and the only female) Anytime Fitness master franchisee has big plans for Morocco

Zakieia Rouah’s fascination with other people began when she was a young child. She wanted to know what they thought, what interested them, their life stories. Her parents encouraged Zakieia to be independent and ambitious, to advocate for justice and to “love those who need it most.”

Now, after earning a master’s degree in marketing psychology, working for multi-national companies in Europe and operating three franchised businesses, the 36-year-old mother of four is determined to “spread love and health throughout Africa,” as the youngest and only female master franchisee for Anytime Fitness.

“Anytime Fitness is about the people, about who you are, what your story is, where you come from, but most of all about feeling accepted no matter your shape, age, gender or fitness goals,” said Zakieia. “This is a fantastic franchise concept with the right elements, class and style, and it is accessible to everyone, as it approaches people with respect and kindness. My dream is to do something positive for others and provide them with the tools to do something good for hundreds of other people.”

Zakieia hopes to open her first Anytime Fitness gym in July and a second gym in September, both of which will be situated in Casablanca and corporately owned. Over the next several years, she anticipates opening as many as 50 gyms throughout Morocco, most of which will be franchises.


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