Spray-Net, INC. Wins Big at Competition at International Franchise Association’s 60th 2020 Annual Convention

Spray-Net, whose mission is to use chemistry & software to deliver the best renovation solutions to homeowners, won the All-Star Round of the IFA’s NextGen’s Franchising Global Competition at the 60th 2020 Annual Convention in Orlando.

The theme for this year challenged past winners to pitch how their businesses are getting ready for the next five years.

Spray-Net’s pitch focused on how they are hopping aboard the data train and using internal data through their proprietary software, “The Spray-Network,” to provide a more customized and personalized experience for their customers, and to help their franchisees optimize their businesses. 

“Spray-Net is getting ready for the next five years, and our proprietary and custom-built software is going to allow us to do that. The Spray-Network compiles customer and job data from across our entire franchise network, ensures consistency and accuracy in pricing, provides our franchisees with the business intelligence to easily measure the performance of their businesses, and collects enough data to know how and when to personalize things along the way,” says CEO/Founder, Carmelo Marsala.

“By collecting data from The Spray-Network and other data sources, we can aggregate it into different types of machine learning algorithms and with the right business architecture, we can personalize customer experience, employee experience, marketing communications, create proactive and custom training for franchisees, and, ultimately, increase our franchisees’ effectiveness,” he adds.

The NextGen in Franchising Global Competition engages young entrepreneurs who are seeking careers and business opportunities in the franchising industry.

For more information, please visit www.spray-net.com.

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