Scenthound Remains Top Dog by Selling Out Atlanta Market

Scenthound, an emerging leader in the $99 billion pet industry is taking Atlanta by storm. The first-of-its-kind dog grooming franchise is announcing their largest development deal to date, resulting in the selling out of the Atlanta market. Existing franchisee Bill Gray will bring 20 total Scenters to the Atlanta area over the course of the next nine years. Combined with three other franchisees, this deal will bring a total of 29 Scenters to the Atlanta market. This development deal comes shortly after Scenthound announced its goal of signing 100 new units in 2021.

“Our first Scenter opened on March 5th and the community embraced us immediately,” stated franchisee Bill Gray. “We had the most successful membership pre-sale to date. We’ve seen an incredibly supportive partner in Scenthound and we are confident in our decision to continue building the Scenthound brand across Atlanta.”

Gray, a firm believer in the brand’s mission, signed the deal after opening his first Scenter in Dunwoody, Atlanta. The record-breaking deal makes Gray the largest multi-unit franchisee in the Scenthound franchise system. The new Scenters will provide all dogs in the Metro Atlanta area access to routine dog care, helping them look and feel their best.

“We are very excited to continue our expansion with Scenthound at a time when they are emerging in the pet market with a bang and are on the brink of exponential growth,” stated Andrea Gray, Chairman of Scenthound Northern Atlanta. “The Scenthound leadership team has such passion around making a difference in both the lives of pet parents and their pups, and we are looking forward to keeping that passion alive in Atlanta.”

The brand attributes some of its recent success to its unique, recession-proof model that has remained strong, even during the pandemic. Existing locations were able to stay open and operating and new ones continued to open resulting in strong growth through 2020. Part of this success is due to a significant increase in dog adoptions and what’s now referred to as “pandemic puppy pandemonium.” Embedded in the name, Scenthound focuses on the five core areas of maintenance: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails and Teeth. By providing preventive care services that are critical to a dog’s overall health and wellness, the franchise stayed open as an essential business throughout the pandemic and kept customers coming back through its membership plans.

“Our new locations will help extend the brand’s mission of educating dog owners across Atlanta and provide them the resources to maintain a healthy, happy dog,” stated Albany Galloway, Head of Grooming for Scenthound Northern Atlanta. “Scenthound’s services offer preventive care that increases the overall quality of life for dogs and our expansion will only benefit more dogs in our area.”

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