Rockin’ Jump Leaps Into Franchising

ROCKIN’ JUMP is a trampoline park that offers “Safe. Clean. Fun.™ For Everyone”. Established in 2010, ROCKIN’ JUMP came to be when neighbors, friends, and co-founders Drew Wilson and Marc Collopy and their families began searching the market for a fresh franchise concept.

Struck with a sudden ‘Eureka!’ moment while visiting a trampoline park with his kids, Collopy quickly realized the business opportunity he had stumbled upon and began thinking, ‘why don’t we do something like this.’ With the chance to change his career in corporate sales into something that as a parent he felt good about, Collopy reported back to Wilson who was also looking for a transition from his current career in real estate development. The pair then visited numerous other trampoline parks and it wasn’t long before they agreed that while the business was a great concept, they could do it better.

With their combined experience in construction, hospitality, food and beverage, and entrepreneurship, Wilson and Collopy seized the opportunity and built their first ROCKIN’ JUMP location in 2011. The initial 20,000 sq ft park in Dublin, CA set the standard for the second location which opened in 2012 in San Carlos, CA, and a third location has recently opened its doors in San Jose, CA.

“ROCKIN’ JUMP is fitness disguised as fun. With the obesity rates in the US and worldwide, the idea of getting involved in a business that was fun, fitness focused, and family friendly really struck a cord with these guys,” says Aaron Bakken, ROCKIN’ JUMP’s VP marketer.

Ranging from 16,000 to 25,000 sq ft in size, each park features (on average) 10,000 sq ft devoted solely to the trampoline jumping space. This trampoline area may include attractions such as dodge ball and basketball, a giant foam pit, and of course tons of space for jumping around. Areas can also be sectioned off for younger, less experienced jumpers to have fun without feeling intimidated by older, more skilled jumpers. Aiming to go above and beyond to ensure their guests have a great experience, the remaining space that is not for jumping features a multitude of entertainment space, party rooms, food and beverage service, lounge areas and more.

Through initiative ideas and investments Wilson and Collopy developed a brand for ROCKIN’ JUMP that stands out among other competitors in the area. The famous frog logo is “an icon kids love and relate to,” says Bakken, and the company name ties together the literal jumping aspect and the music featured in the parks, a component the company focuses largely on as seen in their ROCKIN’ Friday and Saturday Nights.

To reflect their priorities ROCKIN’ JUMP has developed a mantra that is taken very seriously and has been trademarked Safe. Clean. Fun.™ For Everyone. Since safety is one of the first things parents think about when taking their child to a trampoline park, ROCKIN’ JUMP has created their own trademarked safety program called JumpSafe™, which aims to help guests and staff ensure their experience is a safe and positive one.

Seeing anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 visitors come through their doors each month (60 percent of which are repeat visits), it is extremely important to ensure the ROCKIN’ JUMP experience is consistently enjoyable for both kids and parents. Employing 35 to 45 staff at each park, every employee is required to complete safety training and have basic first aid knowledge. They must also learn how to interact with visitors in a way which promotes safety but is still fun. It’s just as common to see their Jump Patrol staff high fiving guests for listening to instructions as well as doing an awesome flip into the foam pit.

The attention to maintenance pushes the company ahead of their competitors. By building the trampoline structures as independent beds that are linked together structurally by the framing, the trampolines have a better bounce and are easier to manage. “They [Wilson and Collopy] don’t skimp on anything,” says Bakken. “Timely maintenance is an essential part of the safety of our business.” So is cleanliness – the company uses a unique fogging system, which disinfects and eliminates 99.9 percent of germs, to clean each park multiple times per week. Ensuring the park is kept clean and comfortable ties into their focus on hospitality, another essential part of the company’s operations. “We see our parks through the prism of a restaurant or hotel owner, knowing that creating unexpected and positive customer service moments every day will help our business grow and keep guests coming back.”

ROCKIN’ JUMP’s operational system is another important differentiator. Organizing aspects from cash management to employee training and labor planning, the sophisticated integration of their e-waiver, point of sale and online booking system are all ways in which the company maintains their tightly run structure. Their automated cash counting system eliminates theft and a cloud based scheduling system helps anticipate staffing needs.

Since opening, the ROCKIN’ JUMP brand has expanded quickly. Officially becoming a franchisor this year, the company has already signed up six franchisees that are currently scouting locations. They are also working on site selections for four more upcoming corporate parks or joint ventures.

Now offering franchise opportunities through the United States and Canada, and licensing options internationally, this presents a unique and exciting opportunity for prospective franchisees looking for a new and active business challenge. The minimum asset requirements to invest and be approved for a ROCKIN’ JUMP Franchise is $400,000 in liquid cash, and $1,000,000 net worth per individual franchisee or as a franchisee partnership.  In total the expected investment cost for opening a park can range from $694,850 to $1,304,700 depending on location, the readiness of the property, training and many other variables. This includes the $25,000 franchise fee.

The significant investment required to open a ROCKIN’ JUMP is justified through their proven business concept and operations structure. Figures obtained from ROCKIN’ JUMP’s Dublin, CA location show $2,000,000+ gross sales, and net profits of over $800,000, or 39 percent annually. The cost structure is reasonable as compared to other businesses and staffing with an exceptional level of safety and hospitality.

Once a new franchisee is established the ROCKIN’ JUMP team offers superior support and guidance as the new location is built, opened and for the life of its operation. An online system lists every step of the process from the day a franchisee signs the franchise agreement and receives their welcome package to the day they open their park. The system also includes most of the information a franchisee will need for vendors, merchandise, trampoline equipment, and other necessary details. Assistance in designing the park, help with finding a location including site spec requirements, education on how to manage a ROCKIN’ JUMP franchise as an owner, and help in the process of planning, outfitting, and building of the trampoline park is also provided.

Experience in business management, operations and/or hospitality is an asset to franchisees, and it is also important for franchisees to have experience working with children and young adults. “This is not a business geared exclusively towards kids, but the most popular demographic is kids aged five to sixteen. There are plenty of adult jumpers but it’s not the core of the customer base, so franchisees have to understand kids – as guests and employees.” says Bakken.

As a young franchisor the ROCKIN’ JUMP brand platform, including website development, email marketing, and community outreach program is professionally planned and well established. This year ROCKIN’ JUMP was voted the best indoor play-space and best indoor party location by Parenthood magazine, and Mercury News deemed the company the best kid’s birthday party location. By this time next year ROCKIN’ JUMP plans to have 13 parks up and running.

The significance of their hands-on executive team means the company is prepared and able to provide advice and guidance to franchisees because they are doing it everyday, on a large scale. “It says something about a franchisor when they own and operate their own parks and are still opening new ones,” says Bakken. “They walk the walk and can talk the talk.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Jessica Spoto

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