REP’M Group Announces Aaron Sawyer as Director of Franchise Development for HealthSource

HW - Aaron Sawyer, HealthSource

Sawyer will Help Grow the Wellness and Chiropractic Franchise

REP’M Group, a franchise growth and sales company, announced Aaron Sawyer as director of franchise development for HealthSource. With this new position, Sawyer will help grow the chiropractic and wellness franchisor. In addition to HealthSource, other REP’M Group partners include Ellie Mental Health, Pause Studio, Garage Kings, LIME Painting, and Kidokinetics. Along with Sawyer, REP’M has grown its leadership team with the addition of Marisa Kochnover as director of franchise development for skoah facial shop

Sawyer was drawn to REP’M Group because of its dedication to “investing in people and doing things the right way. Because we are a full service operation, this isn’t just about selling a license and moving on; we are committed to supporting that upstart franchisee at every phase of their journey to opening their business, and beyond.”

Sawyer got started in franchising through industry connections. “Prior to that, my exposure to franchising had been very limited. But as I learned more about the industry, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the opportunities it presented.”

Aaron Sawyer, HealthSource
Aaron Sawyer is the new director of franchise development for HealthSource. 

Sawyer spent nearly a decade in the med-device industry in various sales roles for Stryker, a medical technology company. “I had a familiarity with the healthcare space that made it a somewhat natural fit for me to step into working with HealthSource. Beyond that, I’m a big believer in establishing businesses that support people in their efforts to live healthier, happier lives. I love the way HealthSource sets out to accomplish that for its patients.” 

REP’M Group’s leadership team believes that Sawyer’s background makes him a great fit for the role. “We are very excited to have Aaron join the REP’M family! He has an extensive amount of experience in sales and management and has proven himself to be a top producer and a valued addition to our team,” said Nick Sheehan, co-founder and managing partner of REP’M Group.

Leveraging Resources and Knowledge

Based on his franchising experience, Sawyer urges entrepreneurs to never stop learning. “Knowledge is power. Leverage your resources and your network to inform your decisions. There are many folks within this industry with decades of experience and a desire to help others on their journey to ownership. Find them and tap into that knowledge base.” 

More About HealthSource

HealthSource is the largest chiropractic and wellness brand in the U.S. Franchisees have multiple revenue streams (chiropractic care, functional rehab, spinal decompression, ect.) and can run it part-time. In addition to private pay for certain treatments and wellness care, HealthSource clinics can accept personal injury and workers compensation payments.

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