Play N Trade Franchise Offers Unique Business Opportunity

Play N Trade is one of the largest video game and consumer electronics retail franchises worldwide.  The company specializes in the sale, repair and trade-in of video games and consumer electronics.  Play N Trade stores offer a lifestyle experience in its innovative store design that provides an emotional attachment to the consumer’s passions. Many customers say simply “This is the best store I have ever been to!”

All of us at Play N Trade strongly believe franchising offers you the most viable opportunity for success.  We realize there are many choices when considering a franchise, especially a retail franchise; we want to take this opportunity to thank you for considering our franchise program. Perhaps you’ve already decided to own and operate a mobile entertainment and video game store because of the phenomenal growth of the industry, your passion for technology and video games, or the desire to be involved in a fun filled environment. Play N Trade is the right franchise when it comes to a full service buy, sell, trade, repair opportunity, especially in today’s economic conditions.

Here are a few reasons to join the Play N Trade family:

Sustainable Growth

    • The basic principle is older than money itself-exchange what you do notwant for what you do. Money is involved, of course but at carefully calculated values.
    • We are trading in an area where new products and upgrades of existing ones have become a daily occurrence.
    • The video game industry had annual sales $2.6 billion in 1996. By the turn of the century, video game annual sales topped $5 billion. For the year 2006 the industry had reached $15 billion in sales and today it is over a $30 billion a year industry. The best part is that the industry is estimated to double again to over $60 billion by 2019.

Broad-based Demographic

    • The market is enormous and it keeps growing, fueled by the recession where everyone seeks more value for their money as well the need to generate additional cash.  The exchange business attracts a very broad-based demographic.
    • Today, the average gamer is 45 years old. In 2011, 26% of video gamers were over the age of 50! Females make up 42% of the gaming demographic and are expected to be half by the end of the next decade.  At the end of 2012, 72% of all households had a video game console.

Limited Competition

    • If you are thinking about franchising, you have to think about competition. Whether you are considering food, taxes, healthcare, auto repair or any other industry there is fierce competition. However, there are very few specialty retailers within the entertainment exchange industry. Currently, there very few specialty entertainment exchange retailers (including Play N Trade) that have in excess of 100 stores open worldwide.

Contact:  Charles Franklin

Cash Investment:  $134,000 to $255,000

1330 Calle Avanzado, 2nd Floor, San Clemente Ca. 92673
Initial Fee:
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