Pirtek Hoover Opens Doors in the Heart of Birmingham

Steve Kampwerth chose a thriving industrial hub for the location of his new PIRTEK Hoover franchise.

Steve’s Service and Supply Center, located on Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL, enjoys easy access to major transportation freeways. This central location makes it easier for his mobile technicians to reach customers throughout Alabama very quickly.

Steve Kampwerth first became interested in PIRTEK USA in 2019, when he saw that the brand was recognized by Franchise Direct as a Top 100 Global Franchise. He had spent most of the past two decades operating an automotive parts and distribution company with locations throughout the state of Alabama and recognized a good business model when he saw one.

As he researched PIRTEK, he found more about the business that he liked, such as their business-to-business focus. According to Steve, “he’s always enjoyed assisting other companies to reduce expenses and drive profits.” He adds that a key part of this model is that it’s based on building sustainable relationships with customers.

After gathering information about the brand and its franchise structure, Steve was ready to become a franchisee. He attended PIRTEK’s Discovery Day at their corporate headquarters in March, 2020. While some may have reconsidered starting a new business just as country-wide quarantines were taking effect for the COVID-19 crisis, Steve remained confident.

“Good business models may slow during economic downturns but seldom fail if built on a strong platform,” says the entrepreneur. “The global pandemic has created interesting challenges for the manufacturing, construction, and equipment rental industries, but I never hesitated in my belief that the time was right to bring PIRTEK’s business model to the Birmingham metro market.”

Steve has set his goals high for the future of PIRTEK Hoover. He hopes to expand, and open more Service and Supply Centers in the area. He says he is ready to give the Birmingham area quality hydraulic and industrial hose service and says he feels that “the market is anxious to leverage those services to reduce their operating costs.” He plans on building his business around mutually beneficial, long-lasting business relationships with his customers.

For more information visit: https://pirtekusafranchise.com

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