Path of a CEOs Humble Beginnings Leads to Franchise Success

Daniel Stanton is the founder and CEO of Now Optics, a national full-service retail optical company that operates the brands My Eyelab and Stanton Optical.

From humble beginnings in the Midwest, Stanton learned the definition of hard work through various odd jobs like landscaping and roofing. During his sophomore year of college, he started to work nights at a local optical store and this is where he began to learn about the retail optical industry from the ground up.

Stanton was a natural in his new role, jumping in by developing a successful sales process, which later was broadly applied to the company. At just 19 years old, with his business acumen and charisma, he was able to turn a failing store around within nine months. By the next year, he was running 60 stores in the market.

When that company was later sold, Stanton made a giant leap— he took everything he knew about the industry and vowed to make it better from a business perspective and for consumers to get eye care. Stanton Optical was born out of his basement in 2006. He quickly scaled the brand nationally and later created a franchise under the name My Eyelab.

Today, Stanton’s brands operate over 185+ locations across 25 states and continues to experience rapid growth. This year alone, despite the pandemic, it’s expected to exceed $230 million in sales, deliver more than one million of its proprietary telehealth eye exams, and is on track to open 25 new stores in the next three months.

Daniel’s franchise executive journey certainly exemplifies one that’s earned, not given.

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